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4 Reasons to Capture Images of You and Your Child Together Right Now


1. You Need to Document That You Were There

I get it, I do. You’re the one behind the camera. You’re the one taking the photo of that adorable little smile. You’re the one documenting that you spent a day at the park together. Someone’s got to do it, right?

Sometimes you have to get on the other side of the camera, and let someone else be the photographer for a minute. Even if you weren’t planning on being in photos that day, just do it. It doesn’t matter if your hair is perfect. It doesn’t matter if you wore the most flattering outfit. It doesn’t matter if you meant to lose five pounds first. Just get in there.


When your kids look back at photos years later, don’t you want them to remember the fun times you had together, instead of wonder if you were even there, since you don’t appear in ANY photos? Don’t you want to remember yourself as a young mother with a brand new baby, or a father that loved to play football with your kids? You may think that you’ll remember how things were, but the fact is, you won’t remember everything. These photos showing that you were THERE will mean everything to you and your kids later.


2. Once Upon a Time Your Kids Were Small

One day that baby boy you’re holding in your arms is going to tower over you. He’ll have big man hands, and his voice will be deep and strong. You’ll have a hard time believing that there was a time when his teeny fingers couldn’t even wrap all the way around your fingers. Make sure to capture the little details. Those little faces, hands, and feet are so adorable when contrasted with a parent’s hands.


You might have days where you wonder if this kid ever even thought you were cool, or wanted to be around you, and honestly, you’ll probably have days where you wonder if you want to be around them. These photos that prove that your kid once thought that you hung the moon will then become even more meaningful. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing to warm your heart and strengthen your bonds.


3. You Have Fun Together

You know those things that you do together that are just between the two of you? Maybe it’s eskimo kisses, tossing your child in the air so they can feel that sensation of flying for just a moment, or exploring new things together. Those special things you do together will change through the years. How much fun would it be to have all of those bonding memories captured to look back on, and remember how your child grew and changed as the years flew by?


Capturing your fun times together can be as big as taking photos of the two of you together on a ferris wheel, or with the classic car you restored together; or they can be as small as a special high five you always give each other. When you document these things with your kids, it shows them that they are a big part of your life, and the things you do together are as important to you as they are to them.


4. You Love Each Other

Yes, this is perhaps the most important reason to get photos with you and your child together. You love each other. Your relationship is one of the most important relationships either of you will ever have in your life. A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine how much a photo of you looking at your infant child with complete fascination and adoration will mean to that child when she is grown. Imagine how much you will treasure a photo of your child gazing up into your eyes with absolute trust. Saying “I love you” means so much, but a photo is a lasting reminder of that love.


I hope these four reasons will encourage you to be in more photos with your children. You will never ever regret these precious moments captured forever.

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Melinda Smith
Melinda Smith

was born to be a teacher. She teaches violin lessons and fitness classes, as well as photography classes and mentoring. She lives on a mini farm in Eastern Utah with her camera, husband, kids, chickens, horses, bunnies, dogs, and cats. Visit her at Melinda Smith Photography.

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