38 Pet Photos to Amaze and Inspire You


We’ve been focused on nature and landscape for a while on dPS so it’s time to shift gears and move over to the fauna, specifically – pets. If you have any pets you no doubt have endless photos of them. I have tons of photos of my cats on my iPhone. But let’s take it up a notch and see some really outstanding pet photos and see how it’s done. I might even motivate myself to get out the “real” camera and take some photos of my girls.

NOTE: if you’d like to learn how to take great pet photos check out this mini-guide – SnapnPets.







































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  • These photos are absolutely beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for putting this post together Darlene!

  • famie1

    wow ,amazing captures thank you for sharing

  • raghavendra
  • Thanks Kathy I wanted ones that were a little above and beyond

  • Marijke van Endhoven

    Wonderful photos.

  • NidiaWaleska

    Truly amazing!

  • RealityHitsYouHard

    Yet so similar to hundreds of pets photos….

  • Name Berrie

    Similar, perhaps, but wonderful examples non the less!!

  • Johanne Brunet

    You’re right! Exactly like people portrait or street photography or newborns or weddings… However, if you have ever done a little bit of pet photography, you will know that it is a lot harder than working with a model. A pet won’t pose for you or follow insctructions. He won’t sit still in your perfect lighting spot. You will have to crawl, follow them on all fours on all kinds of surfaces, not always clean. You will get wet nose prints in your lenses all the time, and you’ll need to know how to get them to perk up and get those ears up and that tongue in. You need to know their behaviour patterns and calming signals to respect their limits and work safely. Among other things…

  • Excellent collection @darlenehildebrandt:disqus. I really love the creativity behind every photo. Thank you for compiling this collection.

  • Chaki Kobayashi

    Took this a few weeks ago


  • Rajulu

    Wonderful and mind blowing shots…. Truly inspiring……

  • Suchetana

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant, ALL of them!

  • walwit

    Beautiful! Something like this is my goal in photography…and you too are great Darlene.

  • Seeing a ferret, I though I’ll share 2 of my ferret Oscar. 🙂 My trusted model! 🙂


    Grainger…Guiding Eyes for the Blind, in training.





  • Jeannie Johnson

    I was totally inspired by this article when I read it last week. So I dragged my camera along for the weekend and was able to get some great shots of some friends dogs… but really loved the 2 I am posting. 🙂

  • Tyler Adams

    Here is a pic of a friends dog

  • My wifes dog just has to jump into the laundry pile not even 5 minutes after it comes out of the dryer. (I always argue wash them again, but thats a losing battle. This is how I deal with being positive…grabs camera)

  • Guest

    My wifes dog has to jump into the laundry pile not even 5 minutes after it comes out of the dryer. I always argue to wash them again, but thats a losing battle! Here is my way of being positive to a losing argument… grabs camera

  • Juan C. Torres García
  • deek

    My pet sits and tilts, looks and leans almost on command, a photographers dream when taking pet pictures

  • Guest

    This is my hedgehog, Ceto!

  • Kirpi Hanim

    This is my hedgehog, Ceto! She passed away recently, at the ripe old age of 5 1/2

  • Natella Mammadova

    How cute are they! 🙂

  • Vicky Hildebrandt

    Totally love this post ~~ and images shared in Comments are great 🙂

  • Guest

    Does it taste like fish?

  • Cass Davies

    Fantastic photos. Congratulations to everyone involved. Just beautiful…

  • Thanks for sharing these, definitely gives me some ideas for future photos!

    This is a photo I took of my 2 boys Dillon (cat) & Robbie (dog) in the Fall of 2013 at Grant’s Old Mill in Winnipeg, MB. Canada. There are more Fall photos of them at https://www.flickr.com/photos/derbophoto/sets/72157637324093173/

  • Scott Cook

    My buddy, Sketch. RIP.

  • Azya Radzali Matsumoto

    Does it taste like fish? 😉


  • Gabriele Cripezzi
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