Facebook Pixel 32 Dizzying Images of Spiral Staircases

32 Dizzying Images of Spiral Staircases

Composition is an important part of photography. You may have heard of the Rule of Thirds, or even the Fibonacci sequence (aka the golden mean). It is something that appears in nature often (think spiral sea shells) and which man imitates almost instinctively.

Check out some of these images of grand spiral staircases and see if you can’t see similarities. The symmetry, and unique properties, the math!

Howard Ignatius

By Howard Ignatius

Christopher Chan

By Christopher Chan

Shawn Harquail

By Shawn Harquail

Don McCullough

By Don McCullough

Riccardo Cuppini

By Riccardo Cuppini


By Capture99

János Korom Dr.

By János Korom Dr.

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Jeremy Brooks

By Jeremy Brooks

Roger Jones

By Roger Jones

Frank Kehren

By Frank Kehren

Robin Jaffray

By Robin Jaffray

Artur Salisz

By Artur Salisz

Simon Holliday

By Simon Holliday

Gert Swillens

By Gert Swillens

VanessaC (EY)

By VanessaC (EY)


By ReflectedSerendipity

Craig Wilkinson

By Craig Wilkinson


By Freaktography

Timothy Neesam

By Timothy Neesam

Garen M.

By Garen M.

Scott Schiller

By Scott Schiller

Jeff Oliver

By Jeff Oliver

Dustin Gaffke

By Dustin Gaffke

Gabriel Caparó

By Gabriel Caparó

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Bernd Thaller

By Bernd Thaller

Lhongchou's Photography

By lhongchou’s photography

Jeremy Brooks

By Jeremy Brooks

Kosala Bandara

By Kosala Bandara

Pim Stouten

By Pim Stouten

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

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