35 Magical Musical Images to Make Your Heart Sing


Music is something universal. You don’t have to understand the words or the lyrics to enjoy music. You just know what speaks to you and what makes you feel good. Today’s image collection is all about how to capture that in an image.

Which of these images do you connect with? Can you hear the music? Can you feel the passion of the artists?

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  • Mark Baker

    An old abandoned piano. Makes me wonder why?

  • In the moment!

  • Gary March

    A buddy of mine, Loose Bruce…….

  • PH-Jazz

  • Ton Ko

    I’m a musician myself, so I get a lot of chances for something like this…..

  • Eric Reiter
  • YIMG

    Bunbury in Silver Spring

  • Heather Herbert

    Piano at Manatee Village Historical Park in Bradenton, FL.

  • Bob Bevan Smith

    Some very emotive pictures here. The two saxophonists – ‘Neobash’ makes a compelling image of someone thoroughly immersed in his music, and ‘Koh Mr. Saxman’ in a more contemplative mood, illustrate just how much the musician can be influence the outcome. Then there is ‘Angels rhythm’ which I personally have very mixed feelings about, because I’m a railway nut – it disturbs me to see young children sitting between the rails – but it is a compelling photo. And finally, I love the image of ‘Sunset Melody’.
    But I include a photo (taken by my wife) which expresses the joy of men singing together. And yes, I am in the picture!

  • Marjana Papež


  • The Piano

  • Chris Bligh
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