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3 Minutes with Photographer John Lund

Photoshop is both loved and hated in the photography world. Too much Photoshop can unleash the fury of the masses, but just the right amount can trigger inspiration, awe, laughter, and a variety of other emotions that make for a great viewing experience. One photographer who has made a career of balancing his photography and photoshop skills is John Lund who is today’s guest on “3 Minutes with…”

1. Describe your photography in 100 words or less.
I started out trying to be a writer, but when I did a job for Yachting magazine back in 1976, they paid me $200.00 for the writing and $2000.00 for the photography. I switched. Then, in 1990, this thing called Photoshop came along. Instead of paying my taxes I bought an Apple computer and traded Adobe some photos for their new program. The rest, as they say, is history! I quickly concluded that Photoshop eliminated the barriers between imagination and execution…I could now create whatever I could dream up. Today, twenty plus years later, I am still blown away by what can be done with digital imaging.

3 Minutes with Photographer John Lund

2. What gear/software do you use?
I use Canon cameras, Apple computers and Profoto and Speedotron lights.  The most challenging part of creating composites, at least for me, is getting the photography right. It helps to have the right equipment to get the parts you need. I’d rather use the power of Photoshop to create rather than “fix”.

3 Minutes with Photographer John Lund

3. What’s one quick tip that you’d give people interested in animal portrait photography?
In the kind of work that I do it is critical to be able to visualize your image. Once you have a clear vision you can break the image down into parts and steps. Then it is just a matter of doing it.  One of my biggest challenges is constantly adding images to my library for use in images that I haven’t dreamed up yet!

3 Minutes with Photographer John Lund

4. What 3 Photography Sites or Photo blogs do you recommend?
Sites like oneeyeland.com and 500px.com inspire me with all the breathtaking work that other photographers are doing, and Photoshelter is great for the nuts and bolts of making a career flourish in the Internet age.

To view more of John’s photography visit his web site:
JohnLund.com and blog.johnlund.com or follow John on Twitter & Google+

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