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3 Legged Thing – The New Breed

What can you do with a tripod? Well, you can stand stuff on it, your camera, lights, stuff.. But it’s a tripod, how do you innovate? What more is there to do?

3 Legged Thing - The New Breed

UK Tripod conjurers, 3 Legged Thing decided to find out…

What’s on the 3LT menu?

So, I have Brian and Kirk here with me right now, Brian is a carbon fiber travel tripod that extends from as low as 125mm to over 2mtr tall – that’s the lowest shooting angle of any travel tripod I’ve ever heard of… Brian will happily muscle 8kg of gear on his anodised precision ball head (if you buy the kit, or the separate ball head, that is) Brian is as happy on three legs as he is on one, you can detach a leg and use it as a monopod. Brian has screw off feet that you can interchange with spikes… if that’s what you’re into!

3 Legged Thing - The New Breed

I use a thinkTank roller, Brian easily slots into my bag when I’m travelling, or is as happy hanging from the side when I take all of my gear along to a shoot – very easy to erect, very easy to handle. You can see in the bag above, Brian is at the top under a RODE Videomic, second row from left is a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 ISL, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L, Canon EF 50mm f/1.4, Lensbaby, Hoodman Loupe, RODE Lav mic on top of Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 attached to a Canon 5DMKII, then to its left a Canon 30D + Grip, Sony NEX-5 with an SLR Magic 28mm f/2.8 and 430EX and 580EX flash units from Canon…

Brian (and all of his brothers) come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, though, if you put Brian under a bus – you’re the idiot.

Brian is sexy and very functional – how do I know? I’ve been using a V1 Brian since he was born, now with his 2nd generation incarnation, there’s nothing but more love… One of the main reasons that I love this product, I mean.. a tripod is a tripod, right? Well, sure… But when you have a good team behind a product, it shows… Ideas I sent back after getting first generation Brian were taken seriously, ideas were chatted about, not just disregarded. These guys are innovating and it’s exciting to see that, in a market that is quite full, they stand out easily. Here’s Second Gen Brian as a kit – Legs and Head

Brian was picked up in England, he’s been to about 10 different countries and now lives back here in Australia with me – I couldn’t ask for more in a travel tripod. five out of five stars, 3LT… bravo

I also have Kirk who is a Mag Alloy cousin to Brian, he’s first gen “the original” and whilst I’m very happy with all of the second gen updates, I’m still equally happy with my first gen Kirk… He’s been to the beach (mmmm, sand and salt water) and he’s been a sturdy addition to my more ‘studio based’ shoots – when I need something that I can stand in his spot, whack something heavy on top and then add a shelf for my laptop when I shoot tethered – Kirk is my go to guy… Second Gen wise, go and have a look at Jack… Very well priced and a darn fine V2.0 if I may say so…

I’ve been using this gear for a while now and I’m very happy to tell anyone that asks about it – the build, the price and the plain awesomeness of 3LeggedThing as a company work for me.

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