26 Speed Busting Fast Shutter Speed Images


Last week we saw some ethereal and mysterious long exposure photos. Now let’s go the opposite way and look at some images there would not be possible without fast shutter speeds (with a couple that have some help using flash to freeze motion too).

Images at either end of the shutter speed scale give us a chance to capture life in an altered state; one we cannot see with our eyes. Long exposures blur things beyond recognition and add mystery. Short exposures freeze things in time and space and capture literally a millisecond of time in an image.

Add flash and you can stop bullets, speeding arrows and more. Enjoy the world of high speed photography:

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  • HIXO

    This are wonderful photos, hope you can share the camera settings.

  • geo

    if you click on the thumbs up on the pic (hover on top right corner) it will bring you to the photo; the ones i clicked on had the settings posted

  • Joshua Zelenka

    Was that a small Koi (fish) being released out of the water balloon exploded by the dart?

  • Wings_42

    Magical. This is why I got into photography, to help me see the world with greater depth and clarity. Thank you so much. I shall treasure this page.

  • Michael O

    No. It’s a goldfish. I’m sure it was added in post production.
    A lot of these images appear to be edited anyway.

  • Amarjit Tamang

    Really beautiful pics…..

  • AngryGoomba

    What kind of technique is used to make the rose like water splash?

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