26 Expressive Images of Hands


It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but hands can be very expressive as well.

Let’s take a look at this set of images of different hands and see what they say, what story do they each tell?

Victoria Bjorkman

By Victoria Bjorkman

Khadija Dawn Carryl

By Khadija Dawn Carryl

Peter Lee

By Peter Lee

Alex Berger

By Alex Berger

Bill Gracey

By Bill Gracey

Riccardo Romano

By Riccardo Romano

Jun Aviles

By Jun Aviles

Craig Sunter

By Craig Sunter

Le Vent Le Cri

By le vent le cri

Jonathan Kos-Read

By Jonathan Kos-Read

Marjan Lazarevski

By Marjan Lazarevski

Toni Blay

By Toni Blay

Son Of Groucho

By Son of Groucho


By Rob.


By Kasia

Victor Bezrukov

By Victor Bezrukov

Chiara Cremaschi

By Chiara Cremaschi


By ArTeTeTrA

Mark Spearman

By Mark Spearman

Hamed Parham

By Hamed Parham

Serge Klk

By Serge klk

Jason Devaun

By Jason Devaun

Thomas Szynkiewicz

By Thomas Szynkiewicz


By Strep72

Toru Watanabe

By Toru Watanabe

Ricardo Machado

By Ricardo Machado

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  • rico mendoza
  • amazed4us

    Mom’s hands

  • Dawn Tranter

    Sister hands

  • Elizabeth Richards

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  • Lance Anthony

    Maltese filigree

  • Not sure what I’m missing here but I felt that half of the images didn’t meet the just hands category they looked more like outside the theme of awesome hand shots….

  • Jyoti Vyas


  • Jyoti Vyas

    In making

  • PAubert03

    Mechanics hands

  • PAubert03

    Big Dave
    Mechanics hands

  • Geoff

    I like the image of the girl with the red bag most. There’s a whole story to be discovered; the old chair, the floor, her clothing, what look like bitten nails… Here’s a hand photo.

  • Ernani Viana Saraiva

    My brother and his sun…

  • Aswin G Ashok


  • Joisy Naveen

    Beautiful Bondage of Life

  • swatichauhan1205

    One from a pre-wedding shoot:)

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