25 Photographs of the Moon with Peace and Tranquility

25 Photographs of the Moon with Peace and Tranquility


The moon and night sky is a mysterious thing. Photographs of the moon can be tricky, but done well can convey an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and calm. I love doing night photography and when you can get the stars, moon or the Milky Way it’s even better.

Enjoy these images of the moon and allow yourself to star gaze and be inspired:

(Okay that was a sneaky one – it’s not the moon but I think the image is great so I shared it)

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  • vpatrignani

    Beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  • TByte

    I can’t wait until photoshop offers a feature that will just paste a moon into any image that is otherwise boring.
    Need a moon? It’s just one click away.

  • Would it be the same thing though ?

  • Sherry

    I love the photos, especially the Milky Way. Where is the best place in the U.S. to get a pic of the Milky Way?

  • Guest

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  • Nelo Dimaculangan

    Moonset taken in Batangas, Philippines

  • Thomas Little

    You’re an idiot.
    Quit spamming.

  • Doron Hazan
  • Guest

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  • Bob Bevan Smith

    Just have a look at the picture ‘The old bridge’ above. The moon (taken with a medium telephoto) is illuminated by a sun off to the right, while the bridge (taken with a wide angle lens) is illuminated by a sun from behind left. This has spoilt a good shot of Tower bridge.

  • Dave

    Its really quite sad that society demands such digitally over-processed images. Nothing looks real any more. Society demands everything to be fake; everything from furniture to photographs.

  • John E

    love shooting the moon

  • Rachidk

    Here is one pic of the full moon from Port Louis Harbour, Mauritius.

  • RJ

    It may not be one click but simply placing a moon into an image is already quite doable once a moon is prepared with transparency around it.

  • TByte

    Maybe Adobe should include a sarcasm detector in its next release as well….

  • sparksflyswifty

    Here’s a shot I took a few years ago:


    Canon EOS1D Mark IIn attached to my telescope at prime focus.

  • Feenix

    The first shot was about 6:15 am and the second about 6:55. I used a 16 MP Pentax K-30 at ISO 400 at f/8 for 2.5 sec for the earlier shot. For the second shot I was able to drop the ISO to 100 and the shutter to 1/125, still at f/8

  • harold

    my pictures will never rise to the level of exceptional but I like them to look like real life some pictures are so processed they look like paintings not photos.

  • Gabi

    Need some feed-back on how terrible this is. I overlaid 2 different exposures, one at high iso so I could get the cloud pattern, and one low for the moon to come out sharp. I’ve only got the 18-55mm kit lens on my Nikon d500 so far, no tripod either, but figured that I could still take a nice picture of the moon. Anyway.. not sure about this.. (and yes I’m perfectly aware that in original size the moon’s edges are not fine enough)

  • Eden Bhatta

    Loved all the images in this article, absolutely spectacular. Here is one my tries to photograph moon with respect to earth and some other heavenly body, Jupiter in this case.

  • Eden Bhatta

    Loved all the images in this article, absolutely spectacular. Here is one my tries to photograph moon with respect to earth and some other heavenly body, Jupiter in this case.

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