25 Images with Using Framing in Composition

25 Images Using Framing in Composition – Weekly Inspiration


By lagusa

Framing in composition

This week I want to showcase some images that use framing in composition to create a successful image. It is one of the most difficult elements to master, but one of the most important in terms of create depth in your images. In a nutshell this is what frame is all about:

  • adding a foreground object into your scene that frames, or helps highlight your subject
  • sometimes involve stepping back from your original composition and looking for elements to use as a frame
  • usually using a shallow depth of field to put the foreground, framing element out of focus
  • the frame is there to set the scene, and draw the viewer into the image


By Eva Ekeblad

By Mayr

By B Gilmour

By Paul

By Brian Smithson

By Judy van der Velden

By Les Bessant

By myheimu

By Katerina Zaitsava

By Moreno Berti

By gwynydd michael

By Danushka Senadheera

By Tarik Browne

By Sid Das

By Sue Hasker

By Freaktography Urban Exploration and Photography

By Edward Simpson

By Chris Beckett

By Hersson Piratoba

By Tom Parnell

By Roberto Saltori

By Kevin Labianco


By Jan Maklak

By Nina Matthews


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