23 Moving Images of Flowing Water

23 Moving Images of Flowing Water


Water, especially that which is flowing, is a popular subject for photographers. You get to make artistic choices about whether to freeze or blur the water, and to what degree. That will affect how the final image looks.

Take a look at these images of flowing water and see how the photographers chose to capture the scene.

David Kingham

By David Kingham

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt

Little Shiva

By little shiva


By Christopher

Kamil Porembi?ski

By Kamil Porembi?ski

~ Lzee. . . Mostly Out

By ~ lzee. . . mostly out

James Bremner

By James Bremner

Nick Kenrick

By Nick Kenrick

Andi Campbell-Jones

By Andi Campbell-Jones

Andy Rothwell

By Andy Rothwell


By Crouchy69


By Crouchy69

Christian Barrette

By Christian Barrette

Billy Wilson

By Billy Wilson

Neil Howard

By Neil Howard

Christian Ronnel

By Christian Ronnel

Dirk Dittmar

By Dirk Dittmar

Nicole Quevillon

By Nicole Quevillon


By Jonathan

Marjan Lazarevski

By Marjan Lazarevski

John Fowler

By John Fowler

Susanne Nilsson

By Susanne Nilsson

Louis Du Mont

By Louis du Mont

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  • Manoj Bavikati

    My Contribution…..

  • Von Will

    Photographing flowing water is always a challenge to really capture what you have in mind. https://www.flickr.com/photos/phyguy/

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  • adityaks

    my waterfall pictures:

  • Wayne Werner
  • Marcus Wrey

    Dartmoor waterfall – no tripod on me so had to go hand held trying to be a human tripod !!

  • walwit

    You did it fine, but let mi add that some pictures above seem to have some post-processing that yours do not (see Andy and Andi).

  • Gerry Wynkoop

    Beach St Martins

  • Gerry Wynkoop

    Arenal Costa Rica

  • pete guaron

    Great to see that not all of the images blur the water – some photographers seem to think “blur” is the only way to approach shots of moving water, but there’s a lot to be said for freezing the movement, too. Maybe both is right, and excluding either of them is not?

  • OldPom

    The juxtapositioning of images blurred and images crisp certainly convinces me to continue with shorter exposures and a ‘natural’ rather than homogenised image . When my eyes start seeing blurred skiers, blurred cars, and blurred birds in flight, than I may re-consider. Water moves. Water has ripples, waves, splashes. It is not a vapour hanging like a fog over stones or impinging on a beach. Art perhaps, but not realism.

  • Imtiaz Kanga
  • Gary

    Owen Sound Ontario waterfalls

  • Joel

    Sabino Canyon Pool

  • Col Photo

    I like photographing the ebb and flow of water in its natural form. A few years ago white “milky” water was all the rage, its now boring to me. Does anybody else share my opinion.

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