23 Remarkable Mirror Images of Reflections

23 Remarkable Mirror Images of Reflections

Mirrors are not the only things that can provide a good reflection. Look around and see what other things can provide a good mirror image.

These 23 images are great examples of how to photograph a reflective surface and reflections creatively. Enjoy.

By Jacob Surland

By Glenn Simmons

By M.G.N. – Marcel

By Pablo Fernández

By Bruce Irschick

By Elizabeth Haslam

By Rüdiger Stehn

By Jim Choate

By Michael Levine-Clark

By Ken Douglas

By Chris Sorge

By josef.stuefer

By Bernat Casero

By Ramesh SA

By Dianne Lacourciere

By Chrissy Wainwright

By Arild Storaas

By Max Milkovitsch

By Theophilos Papadopoulos

By Mario

By Susanne Nilsson

By Laurent Ribot

By ANDY ARCIGA ( www.arcigaandy.com )

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