Facebook Pixel 23 Academic Images of School Days

23 Academic Images of School Days

The kids are back in school in most places around the world. So what kinds of images represent school, students, and the education process?

Going to school means different things to each of us. Here’s what it means to these photographers (first two are my images of kids in Nicaragua):



Omiya Tou

By Omiya Tou

Nick Amoscato

By Nick Amoscato

Nikita No Komment

By Nikita No Komment

World Bank Photo Collection

By World Bank Photo Collection

Vladimir Fedotov

By Vladimir Fedotov


By Freaktography


By depinniped

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt


By jesuscm

United Nations  Development Programme

By United Nations Development Programme

Hansel And Regrettal

By Hansel and Regrettal

Dean Hochman

By Dean Hochman

United Nations Photo

By United Nations Photo

Mal B

By Mal B

Jacob Surland

By Jacob Surland


By Jinx!

Vanessa Lynn.

By Vanessa Lynn.

C.C. Chapman

By C.C. Chapman

Casey Fleser

By Casey Fleser

Eric Parker

By Eric Parker


By Melissa

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