21 Fun Images of People Laughing


Laughter is contagious. One person starts doing it and soon others around them follow.


By Overduebook

Capturing real human emotions with a camera can be challenging. Some people are guarded with their emotions, and getting a real smile, let alone a laugh can be difficult.

If you’re a portrait photographer it’s your job to make your clients feel at ease enough to relax and let their real emotions show. If you do candid or street photography it’s about paying attention and capturing just the right moment. Here are some images of people laughing to get you inspire or maybe to put a smile on your face too.

Notice they aren’t all technically perfect, but can you feel the emotion and hear the laughter? Then the image is successful. Yes, animals count too!


By naomii.tumblr.com

Marc Kjerland

By Marc Kjerland


By Rosino


By *Robert*


By al-jubey

Via Tsuji

By Via Tsuji

Gregory Gill

By Gregory Gill

David K

By David K


By Rachael

Philippe Put

By Philippe Put


By MichelleNMS

Devon D'Ewart

By Devon D’Ewart


By Filippey

Peter Kelly

By Peter Kelly


By Alon


By Davina

Tommy Wong

By Tommy Wong


By taminator


By su-lin

François Reiniche

By François Reiniche

Sadiq Alam

By Sadiq Alam

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