Facebook Pixel 20 Literary Images of Books

20 Literary Images of Books

Books are a symbol of knowledge, education, scholars. But they are also quite photogenic.

Here are 20 images of books and libraries to get you thinking about all things literary this week.

Image: By Brian Smithson

By Brian Smithson

Image: By ilirjan rrumbullaku

By ilirjan rrumbullaku

Image: By [bastian.]

By [bastian.]

Image: By Doeki

By Doeki

Image: By ThoroughlyReviewed

By ThoroughlyReviewed

Image: By The Shopping Sherpa

By The Shopping Sherpa

Image: By Ian Muttoo

By Ian Muttoo

Image: By Renaud Camus

By Renaud Camus

Image: By glasseyes view

By glasseyes view

Image: By Lorenzo Scheda

By Lorenzo Scheda

Image: By Fabrizio Russo

By Fabrizio Russo

Image: By Chiara Baldassarri

By Chiara Baldassarri

Image: By Chiara Baldassarri

By Chiara Baldassarri

Image: By Lauri Rantala

By Lauri Rantala

Image: By Dara or

By Dara or

Image: By Craig Sunter

By Craig Sunter

Image: By Julie Kertesz

By Julie Kertesz

Image: By Olli Henze

By Olli Henze

Image: By superscheeli

By superscheeli

Image: By Olli Henze

By Olli Henze

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