2 Night Photography Video Tutorials

2 Night Photography Video Tutorials

David Kingham

David Kingham

This week’s collection of amazing images I shared a bunch of night photography, specifically those of the night starry sky, and hopefully you’re already thinking about how to shoot for this week’s photography challenge starry night photography.

So I went and found a couple of video tutorials to help you out on this mission.

First, this one by Adorama TV hosted by Mark Wallace. He walks through all the equipment he’s using, camera settings and it even includes a background serenade by some local coyotes.

In this second video host Jim Harmer shows you how to photograph the starry night sky and the Milky Way including a little tip about how to get foreground objects sharp in your final image.

I hope you enjoyed those. Please remember to hop over to the weekly challenge and show us your night photos there!

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  • Michael Owens

    Thanks for the share. Getting a Wide Angle lens shortly, so will be better equpped to try it myself!

  • Keith Starkey

    Thanks much.

  • Michael Owens

    I also have to admit, that I learnt more from the first video, than the guy in Idaho (second video). Also, it helped me to purchase a RED head lamp for £5 – replacing my white one. Never thought about my own eyes being light polluted hehe

  • Bill Bentley

    Mark Wallace is a terrific instructor. I’ve watched many of his videos on Adorama TV.

  • ??????? ???????

    Finally found out how to set more than 30 sec exposure!

  • Elizabeth Seaver

    Does anyone know what the best time to photograph the Milkey Way

  • Michael Owens

    Night time… lol – no obviously night time.
    Maybe you should check this out.


  • Elizabeth Seaver

    thank you

  • Can this be accomplished with a kit len? Especially the infinity focusing part.

  • Judit

    Great vids, thank you! Like the first guy, I like to take the low-ISO
    approach, and adjust the rest of the settings to match that.

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