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2 Must Have E-Books to Inspire You

At dPS we’re committed to helping our readers learn about different aspects of their craft. We do this primarily through the creation of tutorials here on our blog and via the occasional production of dPS e-books that explore topics on a deeper level than we can in a single blog post.

We’re not the only ones with this goal and love to promote others with a similar vision.

Recently we’ve been impressed by two new e-books that we think will help many of our readers. I particularly like both because they are not just about the technicalities of photography but hit the heart with their approach – inspirational stuff.

The Magic of Black & White Photography (Part 1)

BWMagic-featured.jpgThis newest addition to David DuChemin’s Craft and Vision range of e-books is by Andrew S. Gibson.

As the title suggests, it is an exploration of the topic of black and white photography.

It is the first part in a two part series of e-books – this one looks at topics such as ‘what makes a great black and white photograph’, ‘what to look for when learning to ‘see’ in monochrome, ‘elements of a black and white image’ and ‘potential subjects for black and white photographs’.

This is a 58 page pdf e-book and it is selling for the amazing price of just $5 USD.

Grab a copy of this black and white photography resource here.

Taj Mahal – a Photographer’s Approach

201003301123.jpgThis short e-book (it’s only an 18 page pdf – but they’re good) covers photographer Bruce Percy’s approach to photographing the Taj Mahal in India.

It is not a technical book but rather is (as Bruce says) ‘an essay on attitude’ that I think would be applicable to photographers tackling all kinds of subjects.

Chapters cover a range of topics including work on ‘Simplification’ (remove, reduce, isolate), ‘Suggestion’ (make of a scene what you will), ‘Connection’ (emotional intelligence), ‘Reportage’ (story over aesthetics) and ‘Interpretation’ (visualisation and response).

There are plenty of beautiful images and I was left at the end rather inspired but also with a bigger desire than ever to visit India.

Taj Mahal – a Photographers Approach is £8 (approximately $11.90 USD).

UPDATE: Bruce has another e-book that he’s just released today called ‘Simplifying Composition’ that looks fantastic (in fact I think it’ll probably be even more useful to readers). It’s a longer book and covers some great topics. You can pick it up for a discount with the Taj Mahal book mentioned above or get either alone.

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