19 New Beginning Images for a Fresh Start to the Year


Well, a new year is yet again upon us. It’s a time for a new start, fresh beginnings.

That can make many things to different people. Let’s see what new or beginning means to these 19 photographers with their fresh “new” images.


By smilla4

Robert Voors

By robert voors

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt

Nico Cavallotto

By Nico Cavallotto

Mark Gunn

By Mark Gunn

Christian Siedler

By Christian Siedler


By zeitfaenger.at


By Incase

Oregon Ducatisti

By oregon ducatisti


By ?eagan

Brookhaven National Laboratory

By Brookhaven National Laboratory

Margus Kulden

By Margus Kulden

U.S. Geological Survey

By U.S. Geological Survey

Kala Bernier

By Kala Bernier

Mikael T

By Mikael T

MFer Photography

By MFer Photography


By Kylie_Jaxxon

Samuel John

By Samuel John

Johan Neven

By Johan Neven

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Darlene Hildebrandt is an educator who teaches aspiring amateurs and hobbyists how to improve their skills through articles on her site Digital Photo Mentor, online photography classes, and travel tours to exotic places like Morocco and India. To help you at whatever level you're at she has two email mini-courses. Sign up for her free beginner OR portrait photography email mini-course here. Or get both, no charge!

  • Lee Vitout

    The Fresh “new” photo by Margus Kulden, thought this was 2017, not 2012, or is 5 years old still classed as new?

  • christine.goldberg

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  • Bernadette Adkins

    Maybe “new” referred to a concept vs a date? Not sure just what i got out of looking at the photos.

  • Lee Vitout

    OK, fair point, I had wondered that myself, but in that case it I still wouldn’t call it a “fresh new image”.

  • stephanie_haley

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  • Moncat
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