Facebook Pixel 19 Delicious Bokeh-licious Images

19 Delicious Bokeh-licious Images

Bokeh – it’s that word nobody really seems to know how to pronounce, and the thing all photographers love. Those dreamy out of focus blobs that occur when you have shallow depth of field.

Here’s what several photographers did with their bokeh:

Maritè Toledo

By Maritè Toledo

Alejandro Malonda

By Alejandro Malonda

Santiago Muñoz Pérez

By Santiago Muñoz Pérez

Kate Russell

By Kate Russell

Damien Thorne

By Damien Thorne

Katie Wheeler

By katie wheeler

Saleh ???? Alnemari - ??????

By Saleh ???? Alnemari – ??????

Martin Dvoracek

By Martin Dvoracek

Kitty Mao

By Kitty Mao

Susanne Nilsson

By Susanne Nilsson

Vida Dimovska

By Vida Dimovska

Patrick Manac'h

By Patrick Manac’h

Raul Lieberwirth

By Raul Lieberwirth

Pablo Fernández

By Pablo Fernández


By Paris

Jovan J

By Jovan J

Chris Zerbes

By Chris Zerbes


By sinkdd

Sam Wolff

By Sam Wolff

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