19 Beautiful Examples of HDR Done Right

19 Beautiful Examples of HDR Done Right

As some of you may know, HDR photography is a big part of what I do. I’ve spent countless hours learning, practicing and honing my processing techniques and I’d like to think that by now I have an eye for a good HDR image. One thing that gets on my nerves is when I see a post on some blog titled “50 Examples of Incredible HDR Photography.” It’s not the title that bugs me, but the content. So many of these list posts are full of poor examples of HDR photography. Maybe not to the untrained eye, but certainly to an avid HDR enthusiast. Some of the images are great, don’t get me wrong, but others are full of over saturation, blatant halo’s, blown channels, and just bad imagery. It seems that the extent of these authors involvement in the world of HDR is the time it took to scour the web to create a post for it.

I thought I would do something a little different. I spend pretty much every day of my life in the HDR community. Whether I’m updating my daily blog, chatting with other HDR photographers on Twitter and email, viewing the work of these great photographers on their blogs, or even writing articles on HDR for this site. I am pretty picky about the images I will share with others. If it doesn’t blow me away, I don’t spend much time looking at it.

What’s different about this list of HDR images is that an HDR photographer (your truly) is putting the list together. I’m not saying that my opinion is superior to the next guy, but I think that when it comes to spotting a great HDR image I’m up for the challenge.

Below are a few examples of absolute spot on HDR images from around the world, and all from different photographers. These images (at least in my opinion) represent a handful of the best work the HDR community has to offer. You won’t find any halo’s, ghosting, blown channels, or muddy whites in these images! Every image was carefully hand picked for excellence in processing and composition.

Note: I’ve provided links to all these photographers sites. Be sure to click the images to see some more incredible work from these guys. These images are just the beginning!

For more information on HDR Photography, just type “HDR” into the search box at the top of the DPS site.

1.) Willow Trees in Cassiobury Park – Watford, England

Image by Daniel Loshak

2.) Dallas Cowboys Football (hold comments on our season please) – Dallas, Texas

Image by Cliff Baise

3.) The Taj Mahal – India

Image by Trey Ratcliff

4.) The Flatiron Building – Manhattan, New York

Image by Dave Wilson

5.) A Long Sunset in the Emerald City – Chicago, Illinois

Image by Justin Kern

6.) A Back-lit Nebraska Storm

Image by Mike Olbinski

7.) After the Storm – Dubai, United Arab Emerits

Image by Catalin Marin

8.) Split – Boston, Massachusetts

Image by Scott Wyden

9.) Flagstaff Lake Sunrise – Maine

Image by Rob Hanson

10.) Golden Delight – Clifton Springs, Australia

Image by Danka Dear

11.) The Workstation – Lawrence, Massachusetts

Image by Bob Lussier

12.) Christmas Night Snowfall – Monte Berico, Vicenza

Image by Augusto Mia Battablia

13.) Colorado Ball0on Classic – Colorado

Image by Chris Coleman

14.) Tugboats in the Snow – Portsmouth New Hampshire

Image by Philip Cohen

15.) Rugged Dartmoor – England

Image by David Wares

16.) The New York City Skyline – New York, New York

Image by Tim Gibson

17.) Relics – Portland, Oregon

Image by Brian Matiash

18.) Here Comes the Sun – Eleuthera, Bahamas

Image by Scott Frederick

19.) Locals of Halong Bay – Vietnam

Image by Jacob Lucas

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