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18 Books to Grow Your Photography Business

FTP_Cover_MED.jpgWith the holidays around the corner, your making your list and checking it twice. If you are a pro photographer or an aspiring pro, these 18 books are among the top of preferred information to grow your business to the precise point you want. Put one or two on your list, and you may just find the perfect gift that will give you an enormous return on investment.

1. Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders

What draws you to a photography? Do you really understand what it means for you to personally make the jump from hobby-est to business owner? Fast Track Photographer will help you dig deep to discover how far you are willing to go to pursue your dream career.

2. Successful Self-Promotion for Photographers by Elyse Weissberg and Amanda Sosa Stone

Before spending money unnecessarily on ads and marketing for your business, do some strategic analysis on your market and what may be the most successful bang for your buck.

3. Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision by David DuChemin

A conscious effort of artistic development is just as necessary as the steps you make with your business. DuChemin’s book will help you enter that level of “conscious-competance.”

4. Photographer’s Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business by Vik Orenstein

What field are you cut out for? Which do you want to enter? What will it take? No better guide will equip you than the Photographers Market.

5. Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers by Jacqueline Tobi

Whether or not you are interested in wedding photography, this book by “Unveiled” will give a sneak peek on artistic expression in the midst of a variety of shooting experiences.

6. “52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life” by David Allen

There’s a great deal of competition in the photography industry. Get the inside scoop on how to make goals and accomplish them to raise the bar on your business.

7. “How to win friends and influence people”” by Dale Carnegie

The photography business is all about connections. Learn how to make connections, stand out from the crowd, be personable and persuasive with one of the original books of social networking.

8. Kevin Kubota’s Digital Photography Bootcamp .

Running and managing a studio is one of the greatest joys and challenges for business owners of photography studios. Create a systematic approach to running your digital workflow which will cut down on time – and money.

9. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The photography industry is fiercely competitive. So how do you make your edge? One of the oldest surviving military treatises will help you develop a mindset to take competition to a new level, and come out on top – even in the wedding photography industry.

10. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

There’s no need to put off entering that “next level” of technical and artistic development with your photography. Learn the ins and outs of being an advanced shooter through Peterson’s book, and start charging a premium for your work.

12. John Harrington’s book: Best Business Practices for Photographers

An understanding of basic business doesn’t always give you the edge in owning a photography business. With unique issues specific to the photography industries, you need guidance to deal with negotiating contracts, securing liscences, and print rights. Harrington’s book is a perfect solution for discovering the business side of photography.

13. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Nothing stands out quite like a Purple Cow. Godin’s book will guide you through the process of making your brand unique, solid, and cohesive for your clients; giving you that upper edge in your target market.

14. 2010 Photographer’s Market

Don’t want to run your own business, but enjoy freelancing? No guide will equip you better to discover opportunities for paid work better than the 2010 Photographers Market. Get the info for magazines, business, and publishers who are open for accepting work in all areas of life.

15. The Photographers Eye

Sometimes you need a little extra input to develop the artistic element of your photos. Think of your photos through the eyes of an educated designer, and watch your skills grow and develop even beyond your personal expectations.

16.The Moment it Clicks: Photography secrets from one of the worlds top shooters by Joe McNally

If you want “one foot on the coffee table, the other foot in the classroom”, there’s no better way to grow than with Joe McNally as your personal mentor. Be challenged and inspired to grow, push your own artistic envelop, and think about your photos on a level you never thought possible.

17. The Complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography: Creating a more profitable and fulfilling business – Damien Lovegrove (Author)

Want to be fully informed with a full understanding of the wedding photography industry before you jump in? Review in depth details of artistic practice, systematic workflow, and business development to equip you with the info you need to succeed in the wedding photography industry.

18. Essential Fashion Illustration: Poses (Essential Fashion Illustrations:) – Mite Lafuente

Need to figure out how to pose your subjects to be poised and natural? Take some ques from the fashion industry to create your arson of poses to pull out during your shoots for the perfect artistic portrait.

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