Facebook Pixel 17 Beautiful Images with Shallow Depth of Field

17 Beautiful Images with Shallow Depth of Field

One technique that many photographers use to add a ‘wow factor’ to their images is to shoot with a shallow depth of field. In doing so they isolate part of the shot which is nicely in focus while throwing elements in the background (and sometimes the foreground) out of focus and into a lovely blur. Here are a few shots that use the technique of shallow depth of field.

Image: Image by purplemattfish

Image by purplemattfish

If you like this shallow depth of field and want to learn how to do it check out this tutorial in our archives on the topic of understanding depth of field.

Image: Image by enggul

Image by enggul

Image: Image by Thomas Shahan

Image by Thomas Shahan

Image: Image by Dustin Diaz

Image by Dustin Diaz

Image: Image by philippe leroyer

Image by philippe leroyer

Image: Image by aussiegall

Image by aussiegall

Image: Image by ~jjjohn~

Image by ~jjjohn~

Image: Image by Amir K.

Image by Amir K.

Image: Image by Andross

Image by Andross

”]17 Beautiful Images with Shallow Depth of Field
Image: Image by LEO™

Image by LEO™

Image: Image by conorwithonen

Image by conorwithonen

Image: Image by Steve took it

Image by Steve took it

Image: Image by Merlijn Hoek

Image by Merlijn Hoek

Image: Image by RHiNO NEAL

Image by RHiNO NEAL

Got some shallow depth of field shots to add to the collection above? Feel free to share your best shallow depth of field image below.

Also if you want to learn more about depth of field check out:

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