13 Fabulous Photos of a Rainy Day

13 Fabulous Photos of a Rainy Day

The following post highlighting some great ‘rain photography was submitted by DPS reader Martin Gommel from the blog KWERFELDEIN.

13 fabulous photos with rain – with these pictures, I would like to give you a little inspiration to do some photography on rainy days. Many people’s first thought when they see it raining is to put their camera away – however Stormy and rainy days are some of the biggest chances to shoot moody atmospheric images.

People struggling with the wind, wrestling with umbrellas, obscuring the face with their jacket, jumping or running around like they are being chased by blood-sucking aliens…. I tell you : When it really rains down you have an exciting and rare theater right before you waiting to be shot by a photographer!

So I encourage to to search for a place that gives you a good angle to shoot and that covers your head AND your camera and start shooting!

That’s it for now. Now I’ll leave you with some of best pictures with rain that the web has ever seen. Let’s get inspired!

“rain stroll” from jaxting

10<br />
beeindruckende Fotos mit Regen
“Rain in Cracow” from quizz

“A walk in the rain” from marcelgermain

“-” from +lyn

“English Summer” from Lady Vervaine

“cold rain” from Idle Type

“out of the rain” from glitter darkstar

“Let it Rain” from Kenny Maths

“Vampire Season” from Annadriel

“let the rain kiss you” from maggie’s world

“After the rain I” from emiguez65

“Wet Stones” from NatashaP

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