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11 Fun Lego Photos

Have you ever met a Lego enthusiast? They can be a lot of fun to talk to and will open up a whole world (or perhaps ‘culture’ is a better word) for you around the little colorful bricks that many of us stop playing with as kids. Many Lego lovers are also keen photographers who love to document their work, fun, humor and creativity. Here’s just a quick sample of some of the hundreds of thousands of Lego Photos on Flickr.

lego-photography-1.jpgImage by kennymatic

lego-photography-2.jpgImage by regolare

lego-photography-3.jpgImage by Balakov

lego-photography-4.jpgImage by Balakov

lego-photography-5.jpgImage by Dunechaser

lego-photography-6.jpgImage by Balakov

lego-photography-7.jpgImage by Joe Shlabotnik

lego-photography-8.jpgImage by woordenaar

lego-photography-9.jpgImage by Joriel “Joz” Jimenez

lego-photography-10.jpgImage by Don Solo

lego-photography-11.jpgImage by Balakov

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