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100 Ways To Take Better Nature & Wildlife Photographs

100 Ways To Take Better Nature & Wildlife PhotographsProbably one of the most desirable, yet challenging targets for photographers but also the least understood is wildlife photography.

It’s not all that difficult to shoot a simple record of birds and animals in the wild but to succeed in capturing creative, dynamic images … well, that’s another thing!

Author Edwardes admits that the advent of digital cameras has revolutionised his work and aims this book at photographers of all skill levels. The technical requirements he stresses are stringent but he adds that digital SLRs have a better dynamic range than transparency film. In spite of this he points out that accurate exposure is still paramount.

His methods are routine and careful: keep a diary; practise technique; have patience and perseverance; protect your equipment.

There are useful tips on reading a histogram, focusing techniques, using wide, tele and zoom lenses, how to juggle aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

Throughout the book it’s obvious that the writer is a dedicated wild life exponent. Take note of his description of how he stalked a colony of seals:

“Walking out to the colony at dawn meant that I was the first person on the beach … I waited for around 20 minutes before starting to take pictures (but) … It wasn’t until midday that the majority of seals were comfortable with my presence.”

Recommended for all levels of wild life wannabees.

Author: G Edwardes.
Publisher: david & Charles.
Distributor: Capricorn Link.
Length: 144 pages.
ISBN 978 0 7153 3148 4.
Price: Get a price on 100 Ways To Take Better Nature & Wildlife Photographs at Amazon.

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