Facebook Pixel 10 Reasons to Shoot Portraits During the Golden Hour [Illustrated]

10 Reasons to Shoot Portraits During the Golden Hour [Illustrated]

10 Reasons to Shoot Portraits During the Golden Hour [Illustrated]The hour or so before the sun goes down is a wonderful time to shoot portraits – this ‘Golden Hour’ is renowned among photographers for the qualities of its light and creative possibilities.

10 Reasons to Shoot Portraits During the Golden Hour with 20 Gorgeous Examples

Here’s just a few of them:

1. Gorgeous Warm Light


Day 344

cinderella girl

The colour of light at this time of day can just makes your subjects glow.

2. Light Picking Up Anything in the Air

16-05-10 Last Of The Summer (Wine)

life gave me lemonade and I can't imagine why

Any particles in the air get picked up and highlighted in the light shining in from just above the horizon.

3. Silhouettes

FreedoM....(?´Explored #103)•º?

We better run

Shoot into the sun and the possibilities for full or partial Silhouettes are endless.

4. Lens Flare

She's A Little Bit Country


While sometimes seen as something to be avoided – another possibility with shooting into the sun is lens flare which can add atmosphere to your shots when used in moderation.

5. Take it Indoors


Off to Neverland

Golden hour need not just be an out door thing. If you have a window or open doorway where the light streams through you can get some beautiful indoor golden hour shots too!

6. Moody Clouds

Voice of Autumn (Week 35 / 52)

It’s not just about the light and colour hitting your subject – but also how it hits the sky and landscape around them and how they create mood and atmosphere in your shot.

7. Monochromatic Possibilities

open door

This time of the day isn’t just about the colours – it’s also about the angle of light which lends itself to black and white photography too.

8. Rims of Light

the princess and the panda

Son in Sun

"I lay these eggshells to remember to be careful"

Shoot with the sun behind your subject and you create rims of light around them which accentuate features and create magic! It’s particularly good through hair!

9. Shadows Shadows Shadows

Hello Stranger

The angle that light hits your subject at this time of day is like any other time – creating striking shadow that can really make a portrait.

10. Just Because

I will never let you go

Theres just something about Golden Hour – what would you add?

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