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10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Photographers

Photographers have a deep passion for their gear – which can often making choosing a gift for them, rather, well, challenging. You may wait for inspiration to strike, but sometimes that means time is running out, and you’re still out of ideas. Still stuck on what to buy the photographer in your life? Here’s a few ideas that are easy to find on a short time-frame, even if you don’t have a dedicated camera store in your area.


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Fingerless Gloves

Snow makes for some great shots – unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to manage a camera in bulky gloves. Enter fingerless gloves, an excellent gift for any photographer that works outdoors on occasion. Hands stay warm, yet fingers are free to access all the camera’s controls. I’d call that a win-win.

Photo Enlargements

Photographers have huge digital stores of images, while only a few make it into prints. Order a large print or canvas of one of their recent shots – if you can scrounge up the original file (Facebook and website uploads will be lower quality). Some photo ordering platforms allow you to print Instagram images. If that’s not possible, pick up a gift card for a print from their favorite shop.

Photography Books

If you’re shopping for a budding new photographer, a how-to book makes a great gift. For more seasoned shooters, memoirs and photo collections are great additions to their bookshelves.

Rob Holland

By Rob Holland

Photography Magazine Subscription

While you won’t have anything to wrap this way, a subscription to a popular photography magazine is a gift that’ll keep arriving throughout the year. They’re filled with how-tos, tips and inspiration for all skill levels.

Digital Picture Frame

It’s hard for many photographers to keep up with keeping their print displays recent – eliminate the cost and hassle of printing with a digital frame. These frames will flip through a variety of different images, so they can have a variety of their best shots on display.

Lens Cleaning Kit

Lens cleaning kits are inexpensive, yet essential for any photographer. Many of them can be found at stores that sell any sort of camera, even if it’s just small cameras and not enthusiast versions. LensPen and the Giottos Air Blower are good options, though there are many other solid choices too.

John Flinchbaugh

By John Flinchbaugh

Memory Card

It’s good to have more than one memory card and they make great stocking stuffers. Look for one that has a high speed rating, it will say Class 10 or Ultra High Speed on the packaging. Most cameras take SD type of cards but confirm before you buy based on the camera model.

Memory Card Wallet

Speaking of having multiple memory cards, why not pick up something to organize them with? Memory card wallets keep cards for getting lost or damaged, plus they help keep gear bags tidy.

Camera Bag

Gear needs to stay protected, but also easy to tote around. Small bags are great for traveling light with just the basics, while hard cases offer more protection than the typical bag and are great for airline travel.

Office Gear

Photography enthusiasts and especially professionals spend quite a bit of time editing their images, which means extended time at the computer. Office gear that makes computer work more comfortable, or more enjoyable, makes a great gift, and these items are often easy to find. Think headphones for listening to music while they work, wall art for the office, an ergonomic chair, an external hard drive for storing all those digital images – there are plenty of easy to find possibilities here.

Photographers can be tough to buy for, but there are a few things nearly any photographer would enjoy, and you don’t have to know what kind of camera they have to pick up one of these gifts. Gifts for photographers shouldn’t be limited to just camera gear — anything that makes shooting more comfortable, or editing more enjoyable, are also great gift ideas.

Still stuck? Let us know who you’re shopping for in the comments section and we’ll help!

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