Facebook Pixel 10 Cameraphone Photographs that Rock

10 Cameraphone Photographs that Rock

Photographer  : Marco Welt // Kamera : Sony Ericsson K610i
This guest post was submitted by Martin Gommel (Flickr) from the blog KWERFELDEIN

“Photographing with the phone? No chance!”

Those of us who have had the enjoyment of a DSLR with 8 or 10 megapixels have a hard time seriously thinking of shooting with a cameraphone. Many disturbing factors get in the way of doing it: Noise, low dynamic range, poor white balance, low megapixels, no zoom and so on.

But today I hope to change our perspective, just a little bit. I searched on flickr to find if there would be a few decent pictures that where photographed with a mobile phone. My expectations were not exceeded, BUT here and there I found some photographs which were quite good and perhaps even close to the quality of a DSRL. Let’s take a look !

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Photographer : Barbora // Kamera : Sony Ericsson K510i

Photographer: Jennie Anderson // Kamera : Sony Ericsson D750i

Photographer: // raygun // Kamera : Apple iPhone

Photographer : Marco Welt // Kamera : Sony Ericsson K610i

Photographer : dariohead83 // Kamera : Nokia N73

Photographer : maz hewitt // Kamera : Nokia 6680

Photographer : Shaian // Kamera : Nokia E50

Photographer : MrSco // Kamera : Nokia E61i

Photographer : h.andras_xms // Kamera : Apple iPhone

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