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UPDATE: the winners of this competition have been announced here.

FDPcoursephotoOver the last few years here at dPS, we’ve run very popular competitions with one of our partners – the New York Institute of Photography – to give away to lucky dPS readers some of their great photographic teaching.

Due to popular demand – we’re doing it again this week!

For this competition, NYIP is giving away FIVE prizes!

These five prizes are designed to be helpful for two different levels of photographers. Each will be won by a different dPS reader. Here’s what you could win:

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Photography – worth $499
  2. Complete Course in Professional Photography – worth $1,499
  3. Photoshop for Photographers – Worth $1,499
  4. Complete Course in Video Making and Storytelling – Worth $1,499
  5. Marketing for Photographers – Worth $999

All courses include comprehensive and illustrated lesson books, CD Audio Guides, DVD Video Training, Photo Projects and Professional Evaluation and Personal Student Advisers.


Learn a little more about how New York Institute of Photography works in this video:

How to Win

To win this competition you’ll need to:

  • Visit the above five course information pages and choose which of the courses suits your needs more. Choose one that you’d like to win.
  • Leave a comment below and tell us which one you’d like to win and WHY you’d like to participate in the course. Please note: there is a limit of 1 entry per person.
  • Do this in the next 8 days and on Thursday, October 24th, the team at NYIP will choose the best 5 answers and we will announce the winners in the following days.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, October 23rd, Midnight PDT. Comments left after deadline will not be considered.

By ‘best’ – we’re looking for people who have an understanding of what the course offers and how it suits their needs. So you’ll need to check out the course pages to put yourself in the best position to win.

There’s no need to write essay length comments to win – but we’re looking to hear what you like about the course and how it would help your development as a photographer.

This competition is open to everyone around the world no matter where you live – but there is only one entry per person.

To enter – simply leave your comment below.

Disclaimer: NYIP is a paid partner of dPS.

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Darren Rowse is the editor and founder of Digital Photography School and SnapnDeals. He lives in Melbourne Australia and is also the editor of the ProBlogger Blog Tips. Follow him on Instagram, on Twitter at @digitalPS or on Google+.

  • Diane Isla

    I am a Military Spouse whose love and hobby of photography has allowed me to begin as a self taught photographer. I am now ready to elevate my craft to the next level by branding and marketing my business and as always, becoming more effective and well advised at what I love to do. Winning and enrolling in The Complete Course in Professional Photography would be such a godsend for many reasons. After 7 years of living overseas, career stalls and multiple transitions that come with change of stations is a sacrifice we Military Families gladly accept no matter the cost. With my husband about to leave on his last deployment of his career and retire in two years, it is now my turn to focus on my goals, passion and future endeavors. I’m excited to dip my hands into all the resources the US has to offer…starting with NYIP. I look forward to where my knowledge and growth will continue to take me…so PICK ME PICK ME!!

  • Stephanie

    I would like to win the Marketing for Photographers course. I am just starting my usiness after staying at home with my kids. i know I need to market myself but knowing that and knowing how to do it correctly are different things. As I am buidling my website right now, this course could teach me a lot of things. Plus, I really need help learning how to market on social media. i need my business to succeed and I know the things that I would learn from this great course would really help me. Thanks!

  • Mary Sue Bancroft

    I’d like to win the Complete Course in Professional Photography because I want the whole “shebang.” After my diagnosis of breast cancer last year, followed by a bilateral mastectomy, 3 surgeries (one more tomorrow), hospital stays for infections and radiation this year, I no longer hold back on things I’ve always wanted to accomplish. Photography has always been one of those passions I’d like to become more proficient and knowledgeable about. So much in fact, I bought two very nice cameras this year and a few very nice lenses. I’ve even taken some one-on-one sessions with my local camera shop manager to gain better insight to improving my pictures. Winning the Complete Course would just be the cherry on the top of the icing in my dream to be a professional photographer.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Boon Wah Phua

    I hope to win Complete Course in Professional Photography. I
    am a nobody, by participating in the course, becoming somebody is not what I want,
    but I do hope to be able to tell stories through the lens which everybody can
    relate to.

  • Arturo Barón


    Good afternoon I’m really interested to give you the most out of my camera that my wife gave me and since then I try to improve my images to show to my son and turn their children, well and to try to take photos product which can be sold all I need to know who. I like to take pictures of my family, landscapes those moments when one goes out and for that I want to earn the course of Fundamentals of Digital Photography. Thanks for listening. Regards, Popocatepetl view. México

  • Wanda M. Day

    Photography…is it something that’s learned, given, or
    inherited? I’m not 100% sure but what I
    am sure of is that my grandfather loved taking photos and so do I! I take pictures as a hobby. I love to take nature photos, however, I have
    a new granddaughter that is 2 weeks old and I would love to take great photos
    of her. I enrolled at our local college to take a beginners course, but due to
    lack of participation they did not offer the class. I was really looking forward to learning more
    about my camera and the art of photography.
    With that said, I would love to win the “Fundamentals of Digital
    Photography”. I have a new DSLR camera
    and do not know how to operate it to its fullest capacity. I would like to learn about lighting,
    printing, downloading and storing my photos.
    I would also love to learn about the different types of lenses and how
    they are used. My passion for
    photography has grown in the last few months after I purchased my new DSLR
    camera. Please help me learn as much
    about Photography as I possibly can with the “Fundamentals of Digital
    Photography”. Thanks

  • marjorie vivian

    I am excited at
    the very thought of taking the beginner course that is being offered at NYIP.
    My daughter gave me a canon power shot SX 50 for a gift when I quit smoking
    last year.

    For the first
    few months I just kept it on auto. Then one day on my daily walk I stopped and
    looked at a photography magazine. I think the first article I read was on white
    balance. I was hooked. I looked up everything I could find on photography on
    the internet and that is when I discovered DPS.

    It was like
    opening the back door and finding a whole new world, every article and
    challenge filled my life with purpose and wonder. I could hardly wait to get up
    each day and plan a shoot to try and develops the skills to make the best
    picture I could out of every opportunity.

    I am elderly and
    mobility is a bit of an issue but no matter how small your world there is
    always something to take a picture of and if not something can be manufactured.
    It would be the greatest thing to take the beginners course and get a good
    grounding in the fundamentals so that I may continue to learn.

    Maybe if I could
    say I was doing a course my kids wouldn’t find it so odd to find me sitting on
    the side of the road with my camera, chair and a thermos of tea trying to get a
    motion blur picture.

  • Caroline L Newton

    Wow…what an amazing opportunity! It could also be a life changing opportunity….I’ve been soul searching in recent weeks after an event that has changed my life; cause and affect resulted in me finally admitting to myself that my dream of becoming a much better photographer and starting a business linked to photography; particularly travel photography is something I should take the leap to do NOW, no messing, no hesitating, no procrastinating! Which also means that there will be another massive change in my life….and that would be a huge career change, but to do that I need to do a little planning and preparation.

    Since my decision to take action to change the course of my future, the universe has delivered lots of signs that I am on the right track…I take the fact that this opportunity popped into my life at the right time as one of those amazing signs!!

    I’d love to complete the Professional Photography course. Its content from the very basics of ‘What does my camera do?!’ to developing that knowledge into how to wield it in a dynamic, creative, imaginative way in order to produce images of an amazing moment is an excellent start out. It will create the corner stones for building further knowledge on fantastic foundations; because you never stop learning. The results of the knowledge gained from this course would produce images that I hope will not only take peoples breath away but encourage them that they could even produce something as brilliant themselves, thus not only would I gain, but others too! A picture paints a thousand words and creates a thousand emotions.

    Particular aspects of interest in the course would be the travel photography, nature and landscapes in unit three, photojournalism in unit five and architectural photography in unit six all essential I would say to give a broad ability in travel photography as a whole. Throughout the whole course though, the sections on essential business skills would be vital to give me the ability to accomplish the dream of setting up in business after my year or so out travelling the world capturing the journey and more knowledge to be successful in my chosen field (no pun intended!).

    I also think that having access to a tutor throughout is an excellent encouraging resource and one that would be vital in times of challenge; anything worth gaining is not ever that easy and I guess there will be times when the going gets tough. The fact that Chris Corradino, the Faculty Director is a former graduate of the program is incredibly encouraging to any one of us who has put their hand in to hopefully win the opportunity to live their dream!

    Lastly, NYIP’s mission statement includes the statement of ‘Success for every student’….having read through the entire website, and seen the amazing photo’s of previous students, I can see that NYIP can easily accomplish this statement with what looks like an excellent delivery system of training at an individuals own pace, that can easily be slotted around a life that could already be full to brimming in the busy world that we live in today. I’m up for being the ‘Best’! ;o)

  • Pruitt K.

    I started taking photographs when my dad handed me my first camera when I was seven years old. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Last year, my husband joined a band and I started going to the shows with my DSLR in tow. The enthusiastic reception I got from local bands over the photos I took is the main driving force behind my desire to improve my skills and take more professional quality photos. Winning the Complete Course in Professional Photography would be so, so amazing. I would especially love to learn how to better utilize natural lighting and set up artificial lighting. In addition, learning how to begin marketing my skills would be oh, so useful!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Margaux

    I would be really grateful and ecstatic if I could get the chance to be picked for The Complete Course in Professional Photography. I have loved photography since my first camera—a polaroid camera. I had always been someone who has a passion for telling stories and it is through writing and photography in which I share those stories to others. I think being able to complete this course in Professional Photography would help me create better photos that put my listeners in the story that I’m trying to tell. I want to take photos that put people in the moment. One of the things that I am really looking forward to in this course is that I will be having some kind of a mentor to help me with my photography. This had been a problem for me for the past couple of years because I migrated to another country and I’m still experiencing language barrier so I haven’t found a photography buddy yet. To be honest, I had actually been looking into taking up The Complete Course in Professional Photography that the NYIP had been offering, but I could never afford it because of my financial circumstance, wherein I would even have to sell my gear sometimes when times are really tough. Despite this, I don’t want to be given the chance because it’s free, I want to be given this opportunity because I am confident that I can be a great photographer.

  • Rebecca

    New York Institute of Photography, learning photography from
    home, what a wonderful opportunity! This was my first reaction to hearing about
    the school. I am a mother of 8, and I taught all my children at home. For me to
    go to school is not an option. I still have three children at home and share my
    love of photography with them.

    I started out with a fully manual Nikon SLR and missed so
    many shots of my children because kids don’t stay still and wait for you to
    focus. As quickly as I could I switched to a digital point and shoot; however I
    missed the creative aspect of the SLR. I saved and purchased a Canon DSLR, then
    took a couple of classes to get up to speed. In past couple of years I have
    shot some senior photos, family photos, events and a wedding. It would be quite
    an amazing adventure to participate in NYIP’s Professional Photography Course, hone
    in on my photography and take it the next step.

  • George Lennie Corbett

    I would like to win the Fundamentals of Digital Photography course. I want to use photography as a team building tool with the high school girls’ basketball team that I coach.

    The girls are always taking pictures and I want teach them that photography is much more than taking “selfies” with a cell phone. To teach them, I need to improve my skills.

    I believe an appreciation of photography is something they could take with them beyond high school.

  • jamiegrafton

    My choice would be to attend the Fundamentals of Digital Photography course. My wife and I have been lucky enough to live in New York for the last five years having come over from Europe, and during our time here we’ve brought a couple of little Americans into the world. We may have to return to Europe permanently before long, and I’d love to be able to give our two boys a genuine, vibrant, tangible sense of what the city in which they were born and spent the first five or six years of their lives was like during their time here.

    I’m sure as they grow older they would have vague memories of walking each morning in Central Park, their pre-school, noisy restaurants, running under sprinklers in summer etc, and they’ll be able to rummage through the images I’ve assembled so far as a photography enthusiast.

    But for me the very best urban photographs are able to vividly capture the sounds and smell and atmosphere of a street or a room or an event in a single snapshot, and this is what I believe this course would help me to convey; I’d love the develop the ability to really breathe life into my photography through the acquisition of a broad fundamental skill set and mastery of my equipment, and the chance to benefit from expert tutors’ years of accumulated wisdom in order to observe, catch and express personality and vitality in each image. That way the story of the first few years of life in their original hometown could really come alive for my kids as they have access to a trove of fantastic photographs, so they could almost hear the streets, witness the characters and personalities of their fellow New Yorkers, have their memories jogged by rich and expressive images which capture authentically New York moments at this point in history, and are able to relive and re-experience some of the sights and sounds and atmosphere of their childhood years rather than let the memories slowly fade.

  • Katie

    Ever since I was little I have loved to dance. If the music was peppy, I was moving. For the past 8 years ballet has been my passion. Now the passion I have for ballet has spread to include ballet photography. My heart swells at capturing the beautiful art and grace of a ballet dancer. It’s simply captivating. There is nothing like looking through a lens and freezing the emotion and beauty of dance.

    My dream is to be a ballet photographer, and I would love to win the Complete Course in Professional Photography. By taking that course, I will receive the foundation I need to learn the elements of great photography along with starting my business.

    Being a great photographer means more than just taking pretty pictures. It means being able to stop a moment in time and through that moment tell a story. How exhilarating and fulfilling!

  • Dave

    My dream is to quit my day job! I would love to change careers to be a photographer full time! As I evaluated the 5 courses from New York Institute of Photography, I would benefit from taking all of them! However, the area where I feel I can grow the most is in my Photoshop Skills, so I am entering to win the “Photoshop for Photographers” course.

    I have a portfolio on several Stock Photography websites, and my images don’t have the same “pop” as the more successful stock photographers. I would definitely benefit from having a more solid understanding of Photoshop and a dramatic improvement in my post processing skills, especially in the areas of color correction, retouching and layers.

    I would love to have objective reviews and feedback from a teacher/mentor to help me improve my skills and provide instruction on how I can get better!

    Better Photoshop skills will help me to improve my income earning potential and help me to achieve my dream to quit my day job and become a professional photographer!

  • Ramaswamy Veeramony

    I am just a beginner having completed short course in Digital Photography from Photography Society Singapore and I do photo shoots only on week-ends.

    I cannot call myself an amateur yet but would like to do a good job photographing anything that I like to shoot say in the next five to seven years.

    So, I would like to do the Complete Professional Photographer course at NYIP for various reasons that I have highlighted here:

    a) The very most striking aspect that I like is that every student gets two professional photographers as mentors, a private student adviser and a teacher!
    To groom us into skilled professionals of their stature.

    b) The second interesting aspect of the course in my view is that the students are also trained with relevant business skills of the profession which adds value to the
    studies and equips me with necessary skill set to convert my hobby into a
    business enterprise to generate revenue and be a real professional.

    c) The third aspect is the NYIP cert that guarantees and credits my works which I believe is valuable, as one is to be accredited a good photographer

    d) Finally I can get to do such a high standard photography course from a century old school at any time, at any place and at my own pace with little financial

    All these are definitely worth more that USD 1000 but I would say it is a jackpot if one wins it as a prize!

  • Sai

    I believe photography is a fine balance between art and technique, one as important as the other. Unlike the aesthetic sense which shapes the ‘art’ part of our photographs, the technical part can be studied,developed and implemented. This is the reason I am looking forward to the Complete Course in Digital Photography:Photoshop for Photographers. Its a fantastically helpful compilation of topics and with the professional guidance, interactive sessions, projects and expertise that NYIP brings with it this course has a potential to go way beyond the run of the mill Photoshop/Lighroom tutorials and actually teach me the next step in taking my clicked images to an altogether new level of polished, superior results.

  • Rachel

    I am a Mum of 4 with only 3 that I can hold. Always enjoyed taking photos but wasn’t until loosing a son did I find the value in Taking a photo.I love experimenting with light painting and have learnt a lot since joining a local photography group.
    The Complete Photography course would be perfect to extend and adapt into daily life where I balance a fine line of challenges.

  • Devyani Gupta

    I am a student and I will start my Bachelor of Science in early 2014. I am
    currently on a break from my studies.

    I developed interest for photography in my early teens thanks to the digital
    photography explosion which made the camera very accessible and easy to use.

    For the past few months I have been studying professional photography and now I am well versed with the technical aspects of still photography. Now I am exploring
    photography as an art. The more I get to know about it, the more I appreciate and adore it. As a young photographer, I am open to all forms of photography but I have great interest in freezing and enhancing moments. Landscapes, cityscapes, sunsets and sunrises are also my favourites. I love to click monuments as well.

    Now I wish to be a freelance photographer as well. I dream to create my own series of photographs on various issues both relevant and the ones which need

    I have also done a basic course in photoshop which makes post production easy for me.

    Lately I realised that I also should know how to market and sell my work if I want to
    be a successful professional photographer as I believe that it is easy to
    create an idea for an artist but difficult to sell it to others.

    I went through the online catalog of Marketing for Photographers from New York
    Institute of Photography and this course just seems apt for it.

    I live in India and this course gives me the liberty to study from the comfort of
    my home. I also like the flexible academic schedule and unit system as that
    would suit me even when I start with my university studies.

    Moreover I feel that getting acquainted with the knowhow of marketing will not only help in my career as a photographer but will arm me with marketing skills which will
    definitely put me forward in other areas of my career as well.

    I would conclude by saying that as students we are always short on money and a scholarship will be a dream come true.

    Thank you!

  • Abigail

    Ive been watching your course for many months, and have been very interested…
    I would LOVE to win the NYP Complete Professional Photography Course!!
    I get the newletter from DPS, and love to keep up with ya’ll, and i learn soooo much! Whenever im unsure about something, i always go back through my emails, because im sure that yall will prolly have it in there!!!
    I’m newer at photography, and would like to learn all i can while im still young! I would love to really get into photography… Ive done some small stuff on the side ( Engagement photoshoots, Wedding receptions…) But i really want to learn more, before i try to do a lot..
    I love nature, portriat, and family photography… I would love to get more into photography down the road, but whilr im still in school, I would like to learn all i can, so that when i graduate, and am done with school, I’ll alreaddy have the training, and can jump right into it! I have a Nikon D5000, that i shoot with, and LOVE IT!!!
    I really hope and pray i can get this course!! If im supossed to mive on in
    A friend recommended this course to me, and i came and looked at it, and imediatly, i knew, i really wanted this course!!!I want to learn more about how the camera works, how to use the settings, more techniques, ect…photography, i know the Lord will allow me to get this course!!!
    I really appreciate yall giving everyone this oppertunity!! So thoughtful;)
    Thank you all again for all the wonderful work you put out, and all the tips and advice… i glean sooo much… I hope one day ill have all that knowledge too, and i hope ill learn it through the course!!!
    Blessings to yall…

  • Karen Ketchum

    I would love Fundamentals of Digital Photography . I am very intereted in photograpy and wanting to learn more. . I love to take photos.

  • sueb45

    To whoever wins these fantastic courses–Congratulations! And thank you Darren and the good people at the NYIP for holding this constest!!!

  • EFD620G .

    At 65 and recently retired. I don’t care to win any thing,let the youngsters take advantage of the opportunity. I optained several cameras in the few years before retiring,and got hooked on film. Yeh I know taboo subject. But–Until you have developed your first roll you haven’t really been satisfied taking shots.I’d just like to find a course on large format or film photography….. maybe it is really dying.

  • Simon

    Capture the magic. every view through the lens offers a unique once in a lifetime never to be repeated opportunity to capture something special. I love to take pictures of lots of different things and more recently I have enjoyed photographing my beautiful granddaughter Amelia’Grace aged 4 months. I don’t want to miss out or waste any opportunities to capture the magical moments that present to me. I am looking for the NYIP to help me to use my camera and offer me a rare opportunity to learn from accomplished and experienced photographers and tutors. With this new found knowledge I would love to explore more complex photography opportunities sharing in these experiences with my friends and sharing the results so that others can enjoy too. Thank you for taking the time to read this short narrative and fingers crossed that NYIP will help me capture the magic.

  • Deepak S. Shah

    Just for start new business inprofessional photography

  • Alicia Lasher

    I will be attending NYIP online to complete the Professional Photography course, I will begin within the next month or two. I just started my own photography business and am in need of Photoshop courses. As much as I would love to be able to complete both the Professional Photography course and the Photoshop for Photographers course, I am not able to financially; as I will be paying off previous school loans as well. I am a wife and mother of 4, 2 still living at home and our youngest is 7, a grandmother of 3. So at this time I can only afford to attend the Professional Photography course and I chose that course because it includes the business portion as well. I am striving to take my photography to the professional level and am eager to learn…I would greatly appreciate the opportunity of winning the Photoshop for Photographers course.

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