Weekly Photography Challenge – Modes of Transportation

Rishi Bandopadhay

By Rishi Bandopadhay

We humans have many ways of getting ourselves from point A to point B, methods of transportation, or vehicles, such as:

  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Car/automobiles
  • Bus
  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat
  • Scooter
  • Sailboat
  • Cruise ship
  • Skateboard
  • Rollerblades
  • Etc. and the list can go on and on . . .
Joan Campderrós-i-Canas

By Joan Campderrós-i-Canas


By sese_87

Weekly Photography Challenge – Modes of Transportation

That leaves it pretty wide opened for you this week. You could shoot traffic on a busy street, try some panning, freeze or stop the motion by choosing the appropriate shutter speed, take a bus or train and shoot from inside, just for a few ideas.

Ben Salter

By Ben Salter

Harald Kobler

By Harald Kobler

Bob Jagendorf

By Bob Jagendorf


By joiseyshowaa

Share your images below:

Simply upload your shot into the comment field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see or if you’d prefer upload them to your favourite photo sharing site and leave the link to them. Show me your best images in this week’s challenge. Sometimes it takes a while for an image to appear so be patient and try not to post the same image twice.

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  • George Buehler

    Heavy Haul

  • sanjay

    yelahanka airforce station bangalore

  • Israr Alvi

    The lonesome boat

  • Balinov

    Sulky on the beach

  • Roger Cunningham

    Saturn V moon rocket – Houston

  • Rachit Sharma

    Flight to the moon

  • Rachit Sharma
  • Wanderin_Weeta

    “Old Mossy”

  • Brooks Leffler

    Long red Alfa Romeo at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

  • Brooks Leffler

    Car show, from kite

  • Shane Harris

    Found this neat looking bike by a quirky art studio.

  • Francoise Muller Robbie

    Association of 2 different modes of transportation found by chance…Weird

  • nopey

    The Q

  • nopey

    The Q

  • Eugene Shuler

    Memorial on side of road

  • Eugene Shuler

    Ybor City

  • Leyden

    Didn’t see any of these posted….

  • Leyden

    again, right from our patio

  • Sarah Demuth

    loved the car but tried for a little different view.

  • Higbe33

    Hot Rod

  • Yvonne Pickford

    Travelling through the Dudley Tunnels by barge

  • Cinnara

    Tourist transportation by Shanti, elephant

  • Gerry Wynkoop

    2008 H-D Ultra Classic

  • Joanne Fox Tournade

    old car

  • Joanne Fox Tournade

    antique car

  • Susan

    Transportation that’s out of this world. My Harley for chillin’ out moments ~ Live to ride; ride to live.

  • Deen Hertogh


  • Deen Hertogh

    Hot air balloon

  • Alain Audibert

    A classic nevertheless!

  • Ryane Dawn

    Trempealeau Dam Fishing in the snow.
    March 5,2016

  • Ham Thegreat

    Tram arriving into the platform in Budapest.

  • Richard A. Phillips
  • Phil


  • Phil

    Taking flight

  • Sleepyvill Black Book Lens

    Sleepyvill Black Book Lens // lets ride…

  • Diogo Herminio

    O yesss you are photograph!!! Thats amazing!!! This image is wonderfull… find me on facebook or google plus, I’m from Brasil! Thanks!

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