Facebook Pixel Weekly Photo Assignment : Fresh Start

Weekly Photo Assignment : Fresh Start

Welcome back to the weekly photo assignments “from the forum” and, as it is our first of this year on the blog, it works well that the theme was “Fresh Start”

We are looking at some slightly different formats for our forum assignment this year, so keep your eyes open for that! we also have some cool “weekly assignment” prizes lined up for the coming weeks and months, so make sure you check in every week and see what is happening! –> Here’s the assignment section of the forum if you’re new around here! (Welcome!)

The winner this week comes from MattJohnRobinson with his self portrait in the mirror, before we show you his winning image, here’s what he had to say about it;

Every day is the first day of the rest of your life…through free will a fresh start can made at any time. It all begins with some serious introspection, self-reflection.

I took this in my tiny apartment bathroom with my tripod and a small torch-style desk lamp covered with my twisted up (the way it’s made to fit in the zip-up pouch) 42″ diffusor/reflector to soften it.

This was my first time shooting and processing RAW and also my first self-portrait. Really liked being able to fine-tune the white balance and sharpness. Got my first camera in the fall of 2011 and I’ve just been totally thrilled with this entire world of photography that I’ve immersed myself in…looking forward to learning a lot in 2012 with the help of all the wonderful enthusiasts and professionals sharing their knowledge on the net.”

Congratulations Matt, you did well – and great job on the lighting with what you had! [Ghetto lighting, anyone?!]

Weekly Photo Assignment : Fresh StartYou can see more of Matt’s work on Flickr

In second place this week was Prasad_Shejale with “A sunset on 2011” which I liked very much, and as Wulf pointed out, it was if the sun was weighing down the left hand of the image.. We all thought very cool.

Weekly Photo Assignment : Fresh StartYou can see more of Prasad’s work on Flickr too!

We have two third place winners, so I’m going to post them both! Great!

So, on her health kick, all the way from Sheffield is RozSheffield! Roz is also back from a little “time away” from her camera, so welcome back to the shutter button Roz!!

Here is Roz’s image of “Fresh Start”

Weekly Photo Assignment : Fresh StartRoz is on Flickr, Too!

And “Second” third place goes to Nita.W (who may need to have support take that . out of her user name as they cause problems – sorry!) with her “Relax, let go and wash away” photograph, taken whilst on holidays! (Hararu Falls in NZ! Nice!) (I almost remember what holidays are!)

Here’s Nita’s photograph – lovely work, Nita!

Weekly Photo Assignment : Fresh StartYou can also find Nita.W on Flickr!

That’s our “From The Forums” wrap up for this week! Don’t forget “See how it was done.


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See you next week! —Sime

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