Weekly Challenge - Macro Photography

Weekly Challenge – Macro Photography


By Pison Jaujip

Earlier I posted several macro, or close-up images to give you some ideas. Now it’s time for you to get out and try it. If you don’t have a macro lens there are plenty of other methods you can use that are less expensive if buying a new lens isn’t an option.

Here’s a few articles and resources on different options for doing macro photography:

So there’s your reading material, now show us your macro images!

Remember get creative with what you photograph. Try shooting everyday, ordinary things and see what they look like close up – even the dog! Make sure you still keep in mind all the other aspects of good photography like: composition, lighting, and camera settings.

By Casey Myers

By Sean Rogers

By Martin Heigan

By nick@

Once you’ve taken your macro shots we’d love to see them in comments below. Simply upload your shot into the comment field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section as pictured below) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see or if you’d prefer upload them to your favourite photo sharing site and leave the link to them.

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  • TMA

    Could not get much time to setup a tripod and he was coming towards me 🙂
    /Volumes/Data/Quality Pics/Animals, Reptiles & Birds/Jaco_2010-12-04_0288.JPG

  • Christa Snyman

    Absolutely stunning shot, Alen – well done!

  • Alen Lukovac

    Thank you 🙂

  • Nalini Scarfe

    I’ve just bought my first macro lens. This is a cicada that I found in the garden. I rushed inside for the tripod so I could take him in his natural setting. 🙂

  • Katie

    Playing with my moms extension tubes I’m loving macro

  • Angel Martin

    haha… right on time this insect came into my office (my dog jumped scared)… and gave me the opportunity to participate this week with minimum effort… 🙂

  • Kaloyan Paunov

    Rain drops.


    Up close in color.


    Natures beauty.


    Very cool!!!


    Love it.

  • Sumeet Suradkar

    With my Cell Phone Samsung S Duos…

  • MountainSage


  • MountainSage

    Tulip. Did it work this time?

  • Lovely Photo Kolayan. Very Sharp and Crisp. Which Lens did you use to capture the image.

  • Kaloyan Paunov

    I was using the canon 60mm macro usm and I got really lucky as the dragonfly wasnt scared at all and let me come so close. The distance between the front end of the lence and the dragonfly was no more than 5-6 centimetres.

  • Great, Thanks for sharing the details
    5-6 cms is very close, But its all worth it, Lovely Image

  • NickProsper

    A water shot I did over the weekend


    As much as my daughters and I love dragonflies, this is an amazing closeup, like He just crossed his arms and said, “you mean pose like this?”


    Several times this Summer I tried to get close ups of the dragonflies at the lake my daughters and I love, but they were just flibertyjibbits this time, I couldn’t catch them for nothing! You captured this amazingly


    I love it, now I want to paint it… May I use your picture?


    I’m glad you pointed out the little green fly, because I was a little at a loss on this one too… hmmm


    That is the way the contests used to be, only pics taken that week, because it was to LEARN from the lesson, not going back and finding the best of stock photos, but actually doing the assignment… I like it that way because it is challenging.

  • Guest


  • A superb Jumping Spider shot!


  • Jenny

    My husband and I had stopped by a canal where we saw fish jumping and as we approached the water there were tons of dragonflies and damselflies flitting around. What do you think?

  • hrt2hrt

    we can’t all be beautiful.. fly drinking from leaf. canon 60 mm lens.. focus stacked with helicon software


  • Louise

    A critter In my garden – I love his patterning

  • Kimberlee Bennett

    Wasp playing peek-a-boo.

  • BCH

    really nice shot Alen. I like the colours as well!

  • BCH

    Great portrait!

  • Tony Sullivan

    Amazing capture!

  • Tony Sullivan

    Really nice photo, love the colour and

  • Tony Sullivan

    Wow, he looks like he is keeping an eye on you.

  • Tony Sullivan

    This little fella is dreaming of being a Tiger Moth, I think!

  • Tony Sullivan

    Is that a smile? Great capture!

  • Tony Sullivan

    Glad you put forth the effort! Great work!

  • Tony Sullivan

    Well done!

  • Dakota Webster

    This is my Dad’s dying baby Grape vine. Passadumkeag, Maine

  • Aldrin Gersalia


  • Havico
  • Havico
  • Havico
  • Havico
  • Havico
  • Havico
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