This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Oct 50 - Nov 5

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Oct 50 – Nov 5


So, this week just gone it was ‘warm colours’ and I have to say that a lot of you guys have a strange idea of what ‘warm colours’ is 😀

We have a winner despite a lot of images being… well… slightly off the old mark!

Congrats to thinkTankPhoto [please email with your delivery address / contact number]

"Manzanilla - Coast of the rising sun"

Michael Cheung popped into second place with his tree photograph, Wulf noted that he’d framed it so that there was some structure to the image with the trunk being included. Congrats Michael!

And the third place today goes to JayBerg for his stand of Maples – very peaceful!

Thanks again for all of you who entered! I hope we pick up the “on topicness” of it all this week! 😉 —-> COOL COLOURS


I made this one a little ‘cool’ it was taken out the window of my hotel in New York last week at PhotoPlus

In a New York Minute photo by Simon Pollock

In a New York Minute


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