This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Oct 23 – 29

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Oct 23 – 29

Sorry for the delay folks! I’ve just come back from PhotoPlus in New York! The show was filled with all of those photographic delights (mmm Sony NEX 7) and sounds that I will never be able to afford *sniff* -> You can check out the little videos I made if you like [here and here] I had the chance to play with the new Canon EOS 1Dx – Very tasty!

Anyway! Appears that you guys had fun without me, there were some GREAT entries in the weekly assignment! Let’s just hope we keep this momentum!

This week, our winner of the ABSTRACT theme was DEBSIJ with ‘Purple’ created using some A4 paper, husband’s muscles and PSE9 – This is a great example of thinking outside the box to create something abstract and attractive! Debbie, make sure you contact me to collect you prize! [ simon [at] gtvone [dot] com ]

Purple by Debsij

“Lovely lines that carry your eye through the shot plus that sensual swirl.”

In second place, but only by one point!, Deep Freeze by JonSim

“Not originally what I was looking for when I was looking for abstracts, but I kept coming back to it. I like the use of natural elements and the blue tones that give it an icy look.”

And only a couple of points off the top spot itself, This rusty truck was high on the votes list this week! Well done SitchaChante

” LOVE the colors and textures. Commend them for zooming in and filling the frame with area they saw to make this. “

All three winners this week were very fitting ourthe theme, and very catchy. If you missed the assignment, post your “Abstract” image below!

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