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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Coffee

Coffee! that’s right… That lovely little cup of *POW* that some of us consume from time to time… (Some maybe more than others?!)

Well, this last week, you guys went away and photographed your coffee! This last week you also probably had in the back of your mind that BlackRapid were going to be giving the winner a little Strap / Bag named the SnapR10! Well, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

Massive Thanks BlackRapid!



The winner of the Coffee Assignment is ShutterBugDeb! slips into first place by ONE point! “Nice use of repetition. Circles everywhere from the bubbles to the cup and saucer (and the circles on the handle) to the tablecloth. Well thought out.” —Deb, as ever, drop me an email simon at gtvone dot com and I’ll organise your prize! Congrats! –s

Coffee Chocolate Assignment Photo on DPS

ShutterbugDeb with Coffee and Chocolate

Second place this week for “Strong Hot Black” is AnnWen from just up the road in Victoria, Australia! “not just your average here’s some coffee beans photo. The layout was well thought out, nice and crisp. Could be used for an advertisement!”

Coffee Photograph on dPS by AnnWen

Strong, Hot, Black by AnnWen

SiewFeun is in third place today! With this great piece of shadow play! “Great use of light and shadow. The light lends to the lovey dovey mood (yes, lovey dovey is a technical term).” (we let this one slip through as the assignment heading is in the post – sime)

Shadow Play, Coffee, SiewFeun


Next week the assignment is GOLDEN HOUR and we have a great new device from Peak Design for our assignment called “Capture Camera Clip System” or, just “Capture” for short! I’m fortunate enough to have one of these little guys, I use it with my thinkTankPhoto pro speed belt, but you can use it with your belt / bag – try it on anything. A truly great device (review coming, soon!)

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