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Weekly Assignment

beam (by snixie)Last week we started our “Back to Basics” theme with an assignment on the onomatopoeia‘s sleepy roses. We liked how the focus was on the main rose, but how each of the other roses was sitting on other parts of the Rule of Thirds grid. Well done everyone!

double (by dustinj)Sleepy Roses (by ? watch how i soar ?)This week we’re continuing our “Back to Basics” theme with our Balance assignment. As always there are a few simple rules to follow to participate in the mini-contest to have your photo featured on the blog. First, your photo must have been taken between 11 – 25 February 2009. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment : Balance” to show that you want it included in the contest. And last, but not least, your EXIF should be intact and it helps if you include the main points in your post. Next week’s assignment will be Rhythm. We are aware of rhythmic patterns in music and they exist visually as well. It can be pleasing and soothing or somewhat erratic, but it keeps our eye moving in a repeating pattern. Fence posts, ripples in water, as well as shapes that echo each other such as circular patterns of different objects, are all examples of rhythm in composition. These elements should compliment each other, creating a flow that is pleasing to the eye.

Hot Threads

  • Lighting Techniques section. One forum member has just purchased their first studio lighting kit and now needs some help learning how to use it. If you have suggestions or if you are also wondering the same sort of thing, come along and discuss it in the forum.
  • Let another photographer use your equipment?: One question in the forum that has been getting lots of attention is this one about letting someone else use your gear. Of course you would hope that someone would help you out if you were stuck, but would you really trust someone else with your kit? Come share your opinions in the forum.
  • Event printing: As an event photographer, one thing that you can do is to print your photos right at the event to sell them right away. But if you’re new to doing something like that, what do you do? You ask for advice from our knowledgeable forum. Come join in the discussion especially if you have experience in on-site printing at events.
  • What Would You Do (#87): Each week we have our weekly post-processing thread that’s open to any level of post-processing skill. These threads let you post-process another member’s image and show us how you would work with it if it were one of your own. So whether you have Paint or Photoshop, Picasa or Picnik, come join us to show us what you would do.

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