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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and general Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope this season has been a very happy one and the upcoming new year brings you all sorts of wonderful things.

Weekly Assignment

P1000182_pr (by prettiPixels)This week we finished the irieness who found curves in the surrounding world. The curves were the clear subject and nothing distracted from them. Well done everyone! There were lots of really excellent entries to choose from this week, so keep up the good work!

20081222-20081222-_MG_4379541 (by Fabi Fliervoet)Not as pink re-edit (by KatherineNaomi)As the year draws to a close, we get a chance to look back on what we’ve done in the year past. This week’s assignment is Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag for the winner. Next week’s assignment will be “Fresh”.

Hot Threads

  • What did Santa Bring You?: Well, Christmas is over, the presents are opened, and now is just the time to enjoy your new presents. So what did Santa bring you this year? Come tell us about your new toys (photography and otherwise) in the forum.
  • Your Favorite FreeWare: If Christmas left your wallet feeling a little light or you just want to find yourself some great deals on software, come join in this thread which discusses people’s favourite freeware programs, which you may guess from their name, are free.
  • Color Tips: Sometimes as photographers we’re faced with some difficulties. One forum member would like your tips and tricks for how to deal with post-processing photos when the photographer is colour blind. What tips can you offer?
  • Help me decide which software to choose: With the holidays it may mean new computers, holiday money, or even options of new software as gifts. But how do you decide which piece of software is right for you with all the various options out there for both editing and organising software?
  • Why is my flash sometimes working?: Whether your using the built-in flash on your camera or an external flash, one problem that you may run across is your flash not firing. But is this a problem with the camera or the flash? Not necessarily. Come find out what may be causing the problem in our forum thread.

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