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This Week in The Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

This week we’re in the middle of the What’s in your Bag assignment, which is a special assignment running for 2 weeks. Why is it special you may ask? It’s special because it’s being sponsored by thinkTANK photo who are offering a camera bag as a prize! So instead of having winners this week, we just wanted to show you some of the great entries we’ve had so far. The winner will be picked by a representative of thinkTANK next week. In order to be eligible for the contest, your photo must have been taken between 22 October – 12 November, your post must include “Assignment: What’s in your bag” in your post along with the date it was taken, the EXIF should be intact and the main points should be included in the post. This contest is open to members anywhere, so don’t let it put you off if you didn’t think your country could be included. Next week’s assignment is: Relax!

What's in my bag? (by duna12)

(Photos by duna, MatthewBotos, and ekphoto)

Hot Threads

  • Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax?: When you have to make that big choice about which camera brand to go for, how do you decide? Which features are the most important for someone just starting out? How did you make your decision when you were starting out. Come join the discussion in the forum and help someone make their decision.
  • How to tell if your picture is a “great picture”: There’s no sure-fire way to determine what’s a great picture. Especially with art being such a subjective thing. So, how do you tell if your picture is great or not? Come read what people have had to say and add your own thoughts on the matter.
  • Good first lenses?: Once you’ve decided on a camera, the next step you’ll have to take is which lenses to start out with. One forum member asked this question a few months ago, and now has come back to share which lenses they ended up with and how they feel about them.
  • Shaped Bokeh!: Shaped bokeh is all the rage at the moment, and that’s probably because it looks so neat! amy-rose shows us how to create shaped bokeh using little more than a piece of black paper and a shaped hole punch. The results are nothing less than gorgeous!
  • What Would You Do (#75): What would you do is our weekly post-processing thread for forum members of all levels of skill in post-processing. Each week a member submits one of their pictures to be edited by other forum members, so why not come see what the thread is all about and show us what you would do!

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