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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

Bubbles (by veino)

The fun and creativity was bubbling over with this week’s assignment, EllenK‘s shot of the long bubble, which we couldn’t help but feel was memorable with the way it sparkled. Thanks to everyone who participated this week. Why not come join us again in our newest assignment?

Bubbles (by DigitalCosmicAngel)Abstract Expression (by ellen_kinsel)

No matter where you are, this time of year there are Leaves on trees or plants (or the ground). Which is what leaves are this week’s assignment. While you can post any pictures that fit the theme, if you want to be part of the mini-contest, we have a few rules. First, your picture must have been taken between 8 – 22 October 2008. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment:Leaves” to show you want it counted in the assignment. And last, your EXIF needs to be intact, and it’s very helpful if you post the main points (camera, lens, date taken, ISO, shutter speed & aperture) in your entry post.

Next week’s assignment will be “Headshots” so you’ll need to take a portrait of someone (or yourself), but only from the neck up. For some portrait tips, check out these on the blog.

Hot Threads

  • Which one do you use: 3:2 or 4:3?: There are all sorts of ratios that you can take your picture at, whether they are set by your camera or done in post-processing. But what aspect ratio do you generally use? Do you use one that’s a standard print resolution or do you just not worry about it, and get it specially framed later? Come join the discussion in the forum.
  • Am I Out of Control? Are you?: Digital photography has made it easier than ever to take more photos. And the decreasing cost of storage has made it easier than ever to keep even more photos. So, with all you digital photos, do you feel like the number is getting out of control? How do you manage all these files and how do you ever find them again? If you, like many of us on the forum, have dealt with this problem or are dealing with it, come share your experience in the forum.
  • How often do you post-process?: The question is pretty straightforward, but it’s one of those questions which seems to be asked in one way or another a lot when it comes to digital photography. How often do you post process your shots? All of them? Some of them? None of them? What’s normal?
  • What Would You Do (#73): What Would You Do is our weekly post-processing thread where you get to post-process another forum member’s photo. This thread is open to everyone, and no minimum software or level of skill is required. Just a desire to try out your post-processing skills on another person’s photo, and possibly even help them save a photo they may not have felt was going to make it.

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