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Weekly Assignment

Texture (by veino)We finished the k9mom‘s picture of the yellow lamp shade had a very strong texture that was backlit by the bulb. The primary colours and diagonal lines also helped to accentuate the composition.

What is texture, without touch? (by KodiakStar)lamp_shade (by nikraye)Bubbles is our latest assignment. It’s a much more wide open assignment than you may think, and we think it’s a fun way to get us through the change in seasons. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your photo must have been taken between 1 – 15 October 2008, the EXIF must be intact, and your post must include the date the photo was taken as well as the words “Assignment:Bubbles” to show that you want your photo included in the contest. Next week’s assignment will be “Leaves” so whether it’s spring or fall, you should be able to enjoy a few leaves.

Hot Threads

  • Are my prices too high?: What do you do when you lose a client because they complain your prices are too high. You may think that your prices are too high at first, but then what do you do? Do you keep your prices where they are or change them to make clients happy? Come offer your advice in this thread.
  • Rule of thirds for panoramic: When you’re taking panoramic shots, do the regular rules still apply? For example, does the rule of thirds still work or is it ok to do more of an even split. One forum member asked this question about a shot they took, so come have a look and offer your suggestions.
  • No flash – is it possible?:Is it possible to never use a flash in your photographs? One forum member wants to know. Is it realistic, or can you share some insight into why a flash may not be as bad as it seems? Come share in this forum thread.
  • Very frustrating – Raw to jpg in CS2 loses EXIF: One of our forum members was having a very difficult time getting his EXIF to show up when saving his files to jpg. The usual “Save As” trick wasn’t working, but after some help from the forum, the problem was found and solved. If you’re having a similar problem, maybe this thread will help.
  • What Would You Do (#72): Come join us in our ongoing post-processing thread, open to all levels of skill, where you get to try your hand at post-processing another member’s photo. The full rules are in the thread, but the goal is to show us what you would do if you were processing the photo.

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