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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

We had a really busy week in the forums this week reaching over 5,300 members! So here are some of the highlights.


This week everyone was seeing red as we finished the

The newest assignment was also announced and it is too shy for street photography, what better excuse is there to get out and try something new. If you want your photos to be eligible for the mini-contest, make sure that you took the photo between 9-23 August 2007 and they are tagged with Assignment:Strangers somewhere in the post. Next week’s assignment will be Seeing Double.

Weekly PollWeekly Poll Memory

The weekly poll took a bit of a different turn this week and instead of asking people what choice they would make if they were only given two options, we wanted to know how much memory people carried when they went out shooting. There were some very interesting results and we learned a little bit about why people carry the amount of memory that they do.

Sime said it best about why to carry multiple cards and said “More is best, offers redundancy if a card fails, move onto another – dont try fix it on the road… “

Of course, wulf gave a very practical view of why more cards might not be better and said this about carrying a single 1GB card “So far, I haven’t come near to filling it up (I shudder to think about how much time it would take to sort the pictures afterwards if I did!).”

This week, stop by the forums and tell us whether you prefer to photograph people or places.

Hot Threads

If you don’t use Flickr, what do you use?: Even though Flickr is one of the more popular photo sharing sites, not everyone uses it, so if you don’t use Flickr, drop by the thread and tell us what you use and why.

Are you a Mac or PC user?: One of the never-ending debates (aside from the Canon v Nikon one) seems to be the one between Mac and PC. So which one do you use, or which one do you prefer if you use both of them?

How did you choose your forum name?: An older thread has resurfaced this week since we crossed the 5,000 member mark. There are a lot of people with unusual names in the forum, and even if your name is just your own (like me), then drop by the thread and tell us why you go by the name you do in the forums.

Toothpick: Have you ever seen a dragonfly cleaning his teeth? Well, if you haven’t here’s your chance to see that and a great example of macro photography.

Other Threads to Note

This week’s alphabet thread is really one to challenge your creativity. What Would You Do so if you want to show off your post-processing skills or simply want a way to learn what you could do, make sure to drop by and give it a try.

Finally, August’s contest to win a Wallhog is still on, so keep posting in the forums because every post you make earns you a chance to win a 4 foot Wallhog.

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