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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

246/365: out of the fog (by ~shepdc~)We finished the kairos for his picture of Beachy Head Lighthouse (139 ft) which seems to be dwarfed by the highest chalk cliffs in England (530 ft).

Staring up (by bensonkua)Beachy Head (by kairos44)We also started the Sunny Days assignment this week. This one should be much easier for people who are currently in the middle of summer, but even if it’s winter, keep watching the weather for a sunny day or two. The goal is to show things that can be done when it’s nice and sunny outside, so you may not even need the sun! In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your photo needs to have been taken between 2 – 16 July 2008, the EXIF must still be in tact, and your post must include the words “Assignment: Sunny Day” somewhere in the post (either in the title or the text) to show that you want it counted in the contest. Next week’s assignment will be food photography, so show us something that will make our mouths water.

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll came from Nathan deGargoyle who wanted to know if people were uppers or downers when they hold their camera in portrait orientation. Aside from the people who have battery grips, most people seemed to hold their camera with the button on top (uppers).

RussHeath is an upper and said “Upper. I don’t use a neck strap, instead I have a hand strap and my D80 hangs down quite naturally from it your “upper” position.”

laepelba on the other hand said “I honestly couldn’t figure out the answer to this one until I got the camera out. Doh! I’m a downer. Which is funny because when I flip the camera 90deg on the tripod it puts the button on top, and that way I can always tell for sure whether I used a tripod or not when I go back through photos later. LOL!”

You can always come share which way you hold the camera in the weekly poll thread, found in the General Chat section of the forums.

Come answer this week’s poll and tell us whether you prefer summer or winter for taking pictures.

Hot Threads

  • Food Photography Tips: While this is an old thread, with the food photography assignment starting up, this thread has links to a number of good sites that can help you get started with food photography and also offers a few tips from forum members too.
  • tips and tricks about taking pictures of fireworks. Summer isn’t over yet, and there are a lot more firework displays than those that happen for the 4th of July.
  • Kodak’s 50MP medium format sensor: This is for all those gear and technology enthusiasts out there. Kodak has developed a 50 megapixel sensor for professional camera. Odds are most people won’t be using these, but it is definitely a big development in camera technology.
  • How should I expose / meter for a colourful sky?: Everyone loves a beautiful sunset. The colours are bright and vivid and there’s something that’s just special about seeing such a spectacular thing in nature. But what happens when you reach for your camera and take a shot, only to find the colours to be dull and disappointing? Check out this thread for some tips and tricks for taking photos of sunsets.
  • CF going and SD coming in for SLRs: This week a question came up in the forums about whether or not Compact Flash cards will be overtaken by Secure Digital cards for digital cameras.

Other Threads to Note

Another week of course means another week of What Would You Do, our weekly post-processing thread where forum members get a chance to edit someone else’s photos. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to want to try out your post-processing skills.

And last but not least, if you subscribe to the DPS newsletter, you can be in to win a photography book. The prize is Bryan Peterson’s new book, “Understanding Shutter Speed.” Good luck!

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