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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

Big Feet (by daybeezho)This week we encouraged everyone to look down because we finished our amy-rose for her happy feet (and toes!). Well done to everyone, I think we covered nearly every type of foot possible in this week’s assignment!

Nip (by rjo_cal)Happy Feet (by Amy-Rose)We also started the Sense of Scale assignment this week. The goal of this assignment is to give a sense of the size of something, whether it’s a true or false view. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your picture needs to have been taken between 25 June – 9 July 2008, the EXIF must still intact, and you must include the words “Assignment: A Sense of Scale” somewhere in your post to show your permission for it to count for the contest. Next week’s assignment will be “Sunny Days” so start looking for those shots now because you never know what the weather will do next!

Weekly Poll

CameraEverywhereThis week we asked whether or not you carry a camera with you everywhere. The split was pretty close, but most people actually carry a camera (or at least some form of camera that they’re happy with) to most place.

Nana Canon was one of those people who must carry her camera everywhere because she said “I left the house today to go to the grocery store and got a block away from home and realized I didn’t have my camera! I felt naked! You just never know when the prime shot is going to present itself.”

And HockeyFan said “For a while, I was carrying the camera everywhere I went. However, my new job is a secure site and as such, photography is not allowed. So I have to leave my camera in the car while I’m in the building, and with the heat, I don’t want to leave my camera in the vehicle all day. So, unfortunately, I can no longer take the camera with me, and this is definitely frustrating.”

This week, come answer a question posed by Nathan deGargoyle, and tell us whether you’re an upper or downer when holding your camera in portrait orientation.

Hot Threads

  • Weekend Challenge – 1 Focal Length Weekend: This week Darren set a challenge out on the blog, and that was to shoot using a single focal length all weekend. You can tag your photos on flickr with “dpsfocalchallenge” and you can also share some of your best results in the thread on the forum.
  • Fireworks tips / tricks?: Well, both the 4th of July and Canada Day have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that fireworks tips and tricks are outdated. If you’ve learned something useful from your attempts to take pictures of fireworks, why not come and share them with us in this forum thread.
  • Lens Hoods: Lens hoods can be an incredibly useful part of your camera kit if you need to keep the sun off your lens. Not to mention that they can help to protect your lens if it were to fall. Come discuss whether or not you use lens hoods and when you use them over in the forum.
  • Shooting When With Family: If you have a family, it can be difficult to find the time to go shooting. So, do you shoot when you’re out with your family? Do you involve them? Do you ask them to find something to do while you sit and take some pictures? Do you just make time separate to indulge in your hobby? If you’ve ever faced this challenge come discuss it in the forum.

Other Threads to Note

And last, but not least What Would You Do if the weather is too warm to be fun or it’s too cold to be outside, why not stop by our weekly post-processing challenge, What Would You Do. This is your chance to do an edit on a photo by another member. Each week a new photo is posted and your challenge is to edit the photo then come back and post it along with a description of what you did so we can all learn from each other. The thread is open to all levels of post-processing, so whether you’re just getting started and want to learn or whether post-proessing is old-hat, why not stop by and show us what you would do!

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