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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

This week we had a few problems at the forum with people being receiving e-mails about being locked out of the forums. If you’ve had this problem or are still having this problem, make sure you check out the announcement.


This week’s assignment was TIME, something none of us ever have enough of.

People showed us how they view time in a number of ways, watches were a common one, but there were also some very original entries. The votes were close this week, but our winner was Richard’s time scarred watch for showing time on multiple levels. Our honourable mentions go to rdaw for his picture of hands that are new and old, and bigcrustyape for his blue watch.


We also announced the latest assignment: Red.

The concept is pretty simple, if you see something red, stop and shoot it. If you want to participate in the mini-contest, the picture needs to have been taken between 2 August 2007 and 16 August 2007, and you need to include Assignment:Red somewhere in your post. Only one image will be accepted per member for the contest so make sure you pick your favourite. Next week’s assignment will be strangers. So go out and meet someone new and get their story and their picture and post them in the assignment.

Weekly Poll

TakemakeThis week we asked people if they were felt their style was more of “taking pictures” or “making pictures”. We had another great set of responses, so I hope that people keep sharing their opinions over at the poll. Most people said that they take pictures, maybe because because people enjoy capturing moments in time.

jdepould said: “I fall squarely on the “take” side. It’s probably the journalist in me, but I prefer the challenge of capturing things as they happen.”

Of course, there were still some people who enjoyed the challenge of making pictures because of the challenge.

epeyton said: “I love taking pictures and that was all I did until recently. For the first assignment I did in transportation I created a photo. The end product wasn’t what I had planned in the beginning but I liked it. It encourged me to figure out how to make it work. The knowledge I gathered from this exercise was priceless. It left the door open for endless possibilities that never occurred to me when I was just taking pictures.”

Come check out this week’s poll which is a little different (it has more than 2 choices), and tell us how much memory you carry around when you go out photographing.

Hot Threads

  • Working with RAW in iPhoto: Believe it or not, iPhoto lets you work with your RAW pictures, so if you’ve ever wondered what you can do with iPhoto and RAW, this thread may have some answers for you.
  • What’s your fav non-camera photograph accessory: We all know that you have to take your camera with you when you go on a photography outing, but what else do you just have to take with you when you go out? You may be surprised by some of the things our forum members travel with.
  • Need help to improve photo: surelybwh came to the forums with a photo that she didn’t think anyone would be able to fix, but this thread shows you how even photos that you might think are hopeless still stand a chance if you know the methods to fix them.
  • Horrible way to break into photography: Disaster photography is controversial. There’s no getting around this. But what would you do if you were in that situation? Come share your thoughts on the matter.
  • Tonemapping, abandoned barn: Another popular post-processing focused thread. Tonemapping is kind of like HDR, but not exactly. This thread offers some explanation of the technique.

Other Threads to Note

week 12 of What Would You Do. So if you want to share your techniques for post-processing a picture or you just want to get some experience in fixing up photos, drop by and show us what you would do to this week’s photo.

Finally, August has brought with it a new contest for the forums. This month every post you make in the forums earns you a chance to win a 4 foot Wallhog.

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