Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (5-11 Jul '09)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (5-11 Jul ’09)

Weekly Assignment

Dad (by Garry Gannell)This week we completed our 3afsa‘s headshot. Although it was a standard headshot, it was technically well done, and the furrowed brow gives it more interest.

B&W Portrait (by 3afsa)Sydney Swimming (by KansasA)This week’s assignment is A Mistake, well, the assignment isn’t a mistake, but we want you to show us shots that you originally thought were a mistake, but that turned out to be better than your intended shot. This week’s assignment rules are just a little bit different than normal, so please keep on reading. First, your shot still needs to have the words “Assignment: A Mistake” in the post, but here’s where it’s different. This week, your shot can be from any time up until the assignment closes on 15 July 2009. Next, we also need you to tell us why it was a mistake. Finally, the EXIF should be intact, and it’s useful if you can also include the main points (lens, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, etc). Next week’s assignment will be humour. Something we can all use a little of.

Hot Threads

  • This is why you should shoot in RAW and not delete “bad” photos: People often like to talk about the benefits of shooting RAW, but there aren’t always examples of “why”. Well, this is one of those examples. When you look at the “before” shot, you’ll be shocked with the “after”.
  • How can you tell when a sunset will be good?: There are ways to find out when the sun will set, and ways to find out where the sun will set, but it’s much more difficult to figure out whether or not a sunset will be a good one. Do you have any tricks on how to tell if a sunset will be good? Or do you just pick a spot and hope for the best? Come share in the thread.
  • Movie Title Challenge: One of the great things about the forums is the chance to participate in some fun photo games. This game is pretty self explanatory, but the goal is to post a photo along with the name of the movie it would be associated with. Head over to the thread in the forum and post your own.
  • Your Flickr Top 3: When there are so many good photographers on the forum it becomes hard to find shots sometimes. Well, Ginger Pixie started a thread for people to share their top 3 “most interesting shots” (according to Flickr that is). Come show the world what Flickr thinks is interesting in your photos.
  • What Would You Do: As always, there’s another week of our weekly post-processing thread where you get to edit the photo of another forum member. Whether you’re new to editing or are a pro at it, come show us what you would do if you were editing the photo.

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