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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

The edge of conversation... (by Haeretik)We finished the sk66 for the picture of the cat in the grass, just waiting to pounce. According to sk66, “most pics had grass in the way, probably because I simply held the camera in the tall grass and pointed the lens at her thru it.”

Happy Dylon in Garden (by mrlee_1979)This week’s assignment is Clashing Colours. According to wulf, “monochrome shots need not apply.” Clashing colours are colours that are across from each other on the colour wheel. So, pick two and take a shot. In order for your shot to be eligible for the mini-contest, your picture needs to have been taken between 28 May – 11 June, the exif needs to be intact (and if you post the relevant information in the post it’s even easier for those judging the contest), and your post must include the text “Assignment: Clashing Colours” in order to show that you want it counted in the contest. Please remember, only one entry per person. Next week’s assignment will be “Sharp”, so either something in sharp focus or something about the subject. Be creative!

Weekly Poll

PhotoWebsiteThis week we asked people if they have a photography website. Lots of people actually do, so here are a few from the thread if you’re looking for some new pictures to check out.

  • Sapid Existence (waffles)
  • Lina Prokofiev – PHOTOGRAPHY (Lina Prokofiev)
  • LightChasers Photograph (LightChaser)
  • The Photographer Blog (Mandy73)
  • dB Fotografy (prince)Check later this weekend for the newest weekly poll!

    Hot Threads

    • Forum Upgrades: As you may have noticed, the forums went through a bit of downtime on Friday, but it was for a good reason. The forums have been upgraded and now have a bunch of new features, including pictures and albums, and new more social features on the profile page. Check out this thread to find out about the new features and let us know if you’re seeing any bugs.
    • What Do You Do With Your RAW Photos?: So, if you shoot RAW, you know that you always end up with at least 2 pictures if you want to upload one to the internet. But what do you do with your RAW photos, and if you convert them to jpg, do you keep the jpgs or get rid of those too? Come tell us how you manage the large number of files you wind up with.
    • What’s Your Occupation?: Believe it or not, we have lives outside of the forums and outside of photography (most of us at least). So, why not come tell us what you do the rest of the time?

    Other Threads to Note

    And of course, as usual, we have another week of Classic Rock Challenge, where this week the challenge is to interpret a song title using pictures from Bo Diddley’s 2in1 album set of his first two albums.

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