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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

light me (by alex_blacker)First things first, we finished the muddy250 for the picture of his hand taken with a rear curtain flash to capture the movement associated with reaching out and touching the table. We really liked the clear motion that the picture showed. Great job everyone!

Spock and popcorn (by shutterbugdeb)Touch (by muddy250)>We started a new assignment this week too, and it is From the Hip. What we’re looking for are pictures that are taken without looking through the viewfinder. This may mean holding the camera above your head, holding it down on the ground, or shooting from the hip. Show us what you can accomplish when you’re not looking through that viewfinder. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your photograph needs to have been taken between 21 May – 4 June 2008, the EXIF must be intact, and your post must include “Assignment: From the Hip” in order to show you want you picture included in the contest. Next week’s assignment will be Clashing Colours (or complimentary colours depending on what you want to call it). So pull out those colour wheels and shoot colours that are across from each other on the wheel!

Weekly Poll

Workbook1Well, it was a pretty overwhelming result for this week’s poll where we asked if you stored your camera lens on or lens off. Nearly everyone picked lens on, and the next highest result was that the lens doesn’t come off. It looks like everyone wants to be ready to grab their camera in case that perfect shot comes along!

corry said “i always have a lens on, never know when there might be a deer in the driveway or the kids being goofy. usually sits on the counter or my desk too LOL Because you just have to be ready for anything.

And Nathan deGargoyle said “I can’t think of a good reason to take the lens off to put a body cap on.”

This week, update us on whether or not you have a photography site.

Hot Threads

  • Please make me an “Idea Generator”: Every feel like you’re running short of ideas? You’ve been to tons of blogs and you’re still running dry? What about an idea generator? Check out this thread for some discussion and a link to a website that lets you do just that.
  • Is this your next camera?: We all need a little humour now and again, so all I can say is that if you’re in the mood for a laugh come check out what you may want for your next camera.
  • Having Trouble with ‘Less is More’: So, you’re starting to look at composition and ways to compose your shots. You’ve heard that you don’t want distractions in your photograph, but how do you know when less is more, or when less is just, well, less. This discussion looks at finding that balance between the two and working out how to get an even better shot by using the idea of ‘less is more’.
  • For landscape photographers – free sunrise and sunset position chart: So, you like to shoot at sunrise and sunset, but you don’t know where the sun actually sets where you live? Or even better when it sets? Check out this discussion for some links to help you find when and where the sun will be setting so you can be there for that perfect sunrise or sunset.
  • Need some ideas for improving ‘detail pics’: Lots of old buildings have very interesting details to them, but how do you take those interesting details and photograph them in a way that they still look interesting? This thread looks at how you can create a context and still show off the details that you find so interesting.

Other Threads to Note

While it’s not only time for another Classic Rock Challenge where your goal this week is to interpret a song title (in pictures) from Van Halen’s debut album, Van Halen.

Until next week, happy shooting!

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