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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

billiards (by DMLex)Things came together last week and we finished the converging lines assignment. As usual there were a lot of good entries and a lot of different ways that the lines converged. There was a pretty clear winner this week though. DMLex’s billiards shot had great colours, great lines, and a great depth of field. Our first runner up was sk66 for the shot of the stairway to nowhere. The moody black and white really made it stand out. Finally, our second runner up was tenille for the chopsticks shot. The lines clearly came together here, and we felt it was a very creative take on the assignment. Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone who participated.

Stairway to Nowhere (by skersting66)Converging Lines (by wendyj61)We also started a new assignment this week, and it is apertures on the blog. There are lots of reasons to use large apertures, from getting a quick shutter speed to shooting in low light to just using it for creative depth of field. So, open up those apertures and shoot some pictures wide open. In order to be eligible for the mini contest, your picture needs to have been taken between 30 April – 13 May 2008, the EXIF must be intact, and you need to include “Assignment:Wide Open” to indicate you want your picture included in the contest. Next week’s assignment is Night / Low Light Photography.

Weekly Poll

Color or B&W PortraitsThis week’s poll results were pretty close! People were pretty evenly split between preferring colour or black and white portraits. Check out the thread for some good discussion about colour or black & white photos and some hints and tricks you can use.

dimitrz said, “my preference is for Colour. Isnt it this colour which makes our world a beautiful place. Only thing which seprates Earth from other planets is its rich flora & funa – which is nothing but colour. Though B&W photos are good in their own right – it can never match the sense of wonder, beauty or joy at seeing a colourful photograph showing life right after a heavy rainfall. or a rose with dew drops on it or the different colours of a mountain stram “

But Saralonde said, “Black and white. Why? The drama, the grit, the simplicity that b&w can give you. I love the play of light and shadow, how not having color to distract you lets you see things you didn’t know were there. Black and white breaks the composition down to it’s basic forms. You have to get the composition right for it to stand there without the color. I also think it’s interesting that you can look at a black and white shot and still “see” the color in it. I can almost see the yellow centers on my daisies!”

This week’s poll is thanks to sk66 who wants to know, do you calibrate your monitor?

Hot Threads

  • High ISO on Sunny Days: Many people assume that using a high ISO is only good for low light (or when you forget to change it). But it’s not just for low light. It can also be useful on bright sunny days where not only do you need a fast shutter speed, but also a small aperture. See this thread for a discussion of high ISO and some examples of when it can be useful.
  • Freeze water: This how to thread shows how moving water can be frozen in a photograph and become almost glass-like. See how to accomplish freezing the motion of water in this thread and create liquid sculptures of your own.
  • Do you consider photography “art”?: Another one of those questions that goes along with which is better, Canon or Nikon. Is photography art? Are only certain kinds of photography art? Is no photography actually art? Or is it all just in the eye of the beholder. Drop by this thread for some discussion of the matter.
  • Lens Caps: They’re a part of many of our cameras, especially the DSLR type. But, they have to come off before you take a picture. So, the question comes up, what do you do with them while you’re shooting? Do you have one of the lens cap leashes? Do you put it in your camera bag? Do you stuff them in your pocket? Come share what you do with your lens caps when you’re shooting.

Other Threads to Note

We’re back with week 50 of Games & Challenges section of the forum.

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