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Weekly Assignment

spring (by Nathan deGargoyle)

We finished the jlschmale for the picture of the red Radio Flyer in a strawberry patch. Talk about spring!

radioflyer (by jlschmale)Sunshine (by Amy-Rose)This week’s assignment is this post about new rules regarding this and future assignments.

Weekly Poll

Alone or in GroupsThis week we asked forum members about whether they like to photograph alone or in a group. The results were pretty clear! Lots of people enjoy photographing alone, though we do have a few people who enjoy photographing in groups.

kimmie said “I voted alone. While I’m new at this and would love tips, I would find it distracting to what I wanted to achieve – trying to get a great shot, or have to have idle chatter. Of course there is that other side where I might possibly have missed something that someone else caught! But I think I’d still prefer alone!”

Not Too Shabby said “I really like to get together with friends to go on photo excursions but unfortunately been working too much of late and at the moment most of my shooting is by myself. I really like taking friends along that aren’t into photography they put a different perspective on things and one of my friends is really fearless with creepy crawlies and is an old bushie from way back so he’s great, he flips over rocks and logs for me so i can be ready for what’s laying in wait. the centipedes are so quick!!!!”

If you are interested in finding a group of people to go photowalking with, make sure to check Flickr for local groups, finding photo clubs, or checking Meetup.com.

Watch for a new poll to be posted later today.

Hot Threads

  • Megapixels?: Cameras seem to be increasingly getting more and more megapixels. But how many are enough? Should you get as many as you can or is there some magic number out there? Or does it all depend on the lenses? Come join in the discussion.
  • Canon Users – What’s your favorite general purpose lens?: Each camera has a set of lenses. These lenses may be similar, but that doesn’t always mean they are the same quality. So what may be a good Nikon lens, may not be a good Canon lens. So, if you use a Canon, why not come make some suggestions about what your favourite general purpose lens is.
  • DSLR Accessories / Must-Haves: DSLRs seem to create a never ending need for accessories and other gadgets. So which of these accessories do you consider to be the most essential? Which ones do you just *have* to have?
  • DSLR Accessories / LEAST-Haves: And here’s the other end of the scale. What is that item that you bought that you never should have wasted your money on or that has become a very expensive paperweight? What are the things that you would personally stay away from even if someone was giving it away?
  • Selections: sky (applies elsewhere also) using color range: If you’re looking for a new and useful way to do selections , this before and after tutorial gives a good example of how to do a selection using Photoshop’s Color Range tool. Even if you’ve used it before, check out the discussion to see if there is anything new you may not have used before.

Other Threads to Note

It’s time for another week of Classic Rock Challenge. This week, the goal is to interpret a song title from “25 All-Time Greatest Bubblegum Hits”.

Finally, if you weren’t already aware, Digital Photography School is running a Competition to win a Nikon D60. That’s one heck of a prize! All you need to do to be in to win is to be a member of the forum and be an active member of the forums between now and the end of April. Every time you post in our forums in any way (asking a question, answering someone else’s, sharing an image, critiquing someone else’s, posting a review of a camera or book etc) you enter this competition. The more you post the more chances you have to win (make one post in April and you have one chance to win, make 200 posts and you have 200 chances to win).

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