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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums


Weekly Assignment

IMG_0476 (by ditch_azeroth)This week people put on their reporters caps and headed outside to capture the news for our ditch_azeroth who even had a news story to go with his photograph: Rice Shortage in a Rice Country.

“Rice is no mere commodity in the Philippines – it is THE commodity. Although a rice producing country, Philippines has been encountering a rice shortage several years already; that importing rice from neighbouring third world countries has become the only option. With a demand of 33,000 tonnes a day, rice prices in the Philippines is on a record soar of around Php 35.00 per kilo…” Read the rest of the story here.

Our runners up also covered what was happening around their community. Some of the news was quick moving, like a burst sewage pipe from shutterbugdeb, and some of it was slower moving… like the traffic jam brought to us by Miss Mae. Well done for participating everyone.

Early Morning Traffic Jam (by MissMae)Journalist (by shutterbugdeb)We also started a new assignment this week, and it’s Spring. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, soon the flowers will be blooming, birds will be singing, and everything spring will be popping up for you to photograph. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, this assignment will probably be one requiring a different approach. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your photo needs to have been taken between 2 – 15 April 2008, the exif must still be intact, and you must include “Assignment: Spring” somewhere in your post to indicate that you want it included in the mini-contest to have your picture shown in the weeekend writeup. Next week’s assignment will be circles, so get started looking for those circles.

Weekly Poll

Workbook1This week, amy-rose asked forum members which metering mode they use the most. The results gave some interesting insight into which modes are useful, when they are useful, and why.

GEli prefered center-weighted metering and said, “I dislike evaluative ever so much. Anything but a lighting neutral scene will send it into a panic, wherefrom not but The Wrong Metering emerges. Centre-weighted is my usual setting, accompanied by exposure lock once I’ve got whatever it is I’m shooting metered.”

Tiberius said “I prefer using spot metering. I use a spot to determine what I am focusing on, why shouldn’t I use a spot for what I am metering on? And since I use the center focus point, I know that I am always metering the same thing that I am focusing on.”

And PShorten said “I use matrix metering unless I’m in a weird lighting situation then I tend to use center weighted with my D70 it’s not much of a problem to switch.”

Watch the forums later today for this week’s weekly poll.

Hot Threads

  • Photoshop and Gimp: Many people consider Photoshop to be the standard for photo and image editing, but what about the other options that are out there? Do you have to spend upwards of $600 on Photoshop though or is the Gimp another way to go with an image editing program?
  • What photo magazine do you read? If any…: While photography books are a great resource for learning, photography magazines can also be another great source for learning about types of photography, styles, and post-processing tricks (and even better, you get new information every month). So, if you read any photography magazines, why not stop by this thread and tell us which ones you enjoy.
  • What do you see from your backdoor?: Everyone has at least one door into their house. You may not have a backdoor, but what do you see out your door when you look out? Whether it’s a garden, a street, a parking lot or a brick wall, why not come share what you see when you open the backdoor.
  • RAW or JPEG!!!: It seems it’s an argument as old as time itself, but it’s popped up again. Should you shoot RAW or JPEG? And if you only shoot RAW some of the time, when is it a *must* to shoot RAW?
  • New York Institute of Photography:The New York Institute of Photography offers a correspondence course on photography and several people have asked about it, but there have been few threads talking about what people thought of the course. There are a few opinions in the thread, but if you’ve had experience or are looking for some information, why not stop by this thread.

Other Threads to Note

We have another week of Classic Rock Challenge. The challenge is to interpret an album title or a song title from that album in a photograph. This week’s album is Jimmy Cliff’s “Ultimate Collection.”

Finally, don’t forget about the contest to win a Nikon D60 where all you need to do to be in to win is to be a member of the forum and be an active member of the forums between now and the end of April. Every time you post in our forums in any way (asking a question, answering someone else’s, sharing an image, critiquing someone else’s, posting a review of a camera or book etc) you enter this competition. The more you post the more chances you have to win (make one post in April and you have one chance to win, make 200 posts and you have 200 chances to win). Good luck!

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Nicole is a DPS Forum moderator and keen photographer from New Zealand. See her Flickr account.

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